To Dread Or Not To Dread

As you already know my ability to make decisions big and small is a problem and one of the decisions that I’m faced with nearly every day is whether or not I should dread Zaniel’s hair. This may seem like a silly dilemma to some mama’s or and some of you may even say I should just cut it (that will never happen) but it’s not. I’m way too attached to both of my son’s hair to part with it right now, yes that is selfish, but I am a selfish person, so that’s that. Zion loves his dreads, so I’m not too mean when it comes to his hair situation.

zan-dread-dsc_0871-1Each week when it’s time to go up to battle –that’s what I call doing Zaniel’s hair. My husband always tries to convince me that it’s time to loc it up. I entertain the thought for a few moments and always assure him that the time is coming, but I’m lying. I simply can’t bring myself to loc his hair because I’m in love with that baby fro. The baby fro will do something to you, and even though he only rocks that fro maybe once a month it’s totally worth it. Those curls covering his little head have made people stop in their tracks at the airport, at Costco and even in parking lots, not to mention how cute he looks in pictures. I sometimes miss Zion’s fro and dream of finding some miracle product to detangle his dreads just so I can get that fro back, but I know that that will never happen because my husband won’t allow it.Dreadloc- natural hair-fro-

My husband wants to loc his hair because he’s tired of people mistaking him for a girl and that’s understandable so I’ve vowed to learn how to braid so he can get off my back about it but I’m not learning quick enough for him.  Before our trip to DC I had one of my friends braid it and he looked so adorable so that’s the motivation behind my quest to learn to braidzan-dreaddsc_0481

With that glorious fro comes a headful of detangles and at least two hours of hard work and most times to sort  I just want to throw my hands up and loc his hair but I know I won’t. It’s quite evident I’m way too attached to my children’s hair but if I don’t learn how to braid soon it could be the end of the curly fro and I’m not sure if my poor little heart can take that. To dread or not too dread that is the question, should I just be done with it and loc up Zaniel’s hair?zan-dread-img_20150817_091140

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