Stanning for Safelite

I received a  complimentary service from Safelite in exchange for this post.


Remember last week when I was just minding my business on one of my glory days and a turkey busted up the windshield of my beamer? Well, Safelite came through and got my life all the way together and I wanna tell you how simple and easy the process was.


I’ve never had any auto glass situations in the past and I was pretty nervous but by the time Safelite was finished with the beamer I was feeling like new money.


The entire process was painless and easy. For starters when I called to get the glass repaired I was able to get an appointment in less than 48 hours, I loved that because you know I got stuff to do! On top of that Henry from Safelite came alllll the way out to my house in the boonies with no problems or complaints and he didn’t even ask for gas money #winning. Not to mention Henry arrived on time-as a matter of fact he was about 7 minutes early, I remember because I had to rush and finish putting my face on when he got here.


Brown Sugar took the car out of the garage while I finished up and Henry was on it.


Now Imma warn you, we had an ugly storm the day before so don’t judge my yard. Well judge but  just keep it to yourself.


Henry popped the hood, disassembled some stuff-nothing major just the necessary pieces to take the old glass out.


I hopped in when he took the glass out and took a really cute pic (really cute pic below).



He then vacuumed the glass shards out of my car, applied some really cool looking sealant, put in the new glass, tested the defroster and windshield wipers, polished up the glass with some really nice glass cleaner and he was all done.




I was pretty blown away by how fast the process was, it took him all of 60 minutes and I’m not joking I was counting, not to mention it was about 87° outside.

Me and Henry

I’m stanning for Safelite because they made a really frightening experience painless and easy. Safelite for the win!




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