Why Every Single Woman Should Multi-Date

Most women hate dating. Some think its too stressful, others feel too vulnerable or they just don’t know how to date. I’m inclined to believe that most women are missing one crucial step to successfully dating and that is multi-dating.

Multi-dating is actively dating more than one person at a time. Not in shifts or month’s apart but at the same time. Multi-dating permits you to have a different date every weekend or if you have that kind of time, every day of the week. Don’t be confused-dating is not code for “sexing” or sleeping around, its just that dating. Getting to know someone, exploring new things with them and not taking things too seriously until both parties are ready to commit. Think of multi-dating as having a starting line up. A starting lineup is a group of dates that are ready and willing to play. If for some reason someone gets injured or can’t make the game you have other players eager to play, all the while everyone’s having fun and enjoying the game.

The first time I heard the term Multi-date was when comedienne Loni Love mentioned it on The Real. Right away I knew exactly what it was because I’d done it for years and I know just how important it is, if you’re single.

3 Reason’s why you should multi-date

Because its fun-You know the rush of adrenaline you get when you meet someone new? You daydream of all the possibilities and you want to get to know all about their past and their dreams of the future. That quickening you get when your phone rings or you get a text? Imagine that X’s 3 or if you’re bold enough X’s 6. The world is full of single men that need to be dated so you might as well date them.

They serve different purposes. Its rare that you’ll meet someone that has all of the qualities you admire in a man. So why not “build your perfect man”. Date the guy with the handsome face and great body while dating the guy with great manners -all while dating the guy that showers you with gifts and compliments. When you’re single you are fully entitled to date selfishly with no regrets and relish every single moment of it. It’s when you are in a committed relationship that you are then responsible for the feelings of others. So use the time as a single woman to explore all of your dating possibilities.

Men do it. Every single beau you meet is or has multi-dated. Society tends to put women in a box that says they must only date one man at a time or run the risk of being slut shamed. In reality its shamed if you do and shamed if you don’t. There are few things that men do that women can get away with, and in the past multi-dating has been one of them. Men have been dating multiple women for centuries and in some cultures even marrying multiple women at once. So what’s the big deal about dating more than one guy?

Society has created a facade that has us believing that any woman who dates more that one man at a time is vile, impure or just a flat-out whore. Don’t let this misconception stop you from multi-dating in fact it should encourage you to.

You need the Experience. You can’t know what you like until you’ve tried it all. Well maybe not all but at least most of it. There are so many men and women alike that have committed to relationships or even worse marriages without having enough “work” experience. Running into a commitment headfirst is foolish and often results in heartache. Don’t be that person, date around, enjoy it and have no regrets.

Dating doesn’t have to be stressful. Have fun with it, date around and date a lot. Don’t be forced to commit by society’s standards or by the pressures of family or the media. The more experience you have the more qualified you are for the job. So do yourself a favor and multi-date for a while.



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One thought on “Why Every Single Woman Should Multi-Date

  1. After my divorce I began diatng, fell for this guy that used me, it all ended, and now I am not diatng.I realized that I needed time to myself and it has been good, but now I feel like I would like to meet someone and become friends first, taking it slow, and hopefully the next time around will be the last time for me. I dont want to date a dozen guys; I want to meet the right one. Im ready now.

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