3 Tips to Make Picture Day Picture Perfect


ast week the little ones had picture day and ya’ll  know how I am about pictures. Last year for picture day in Hawaii we were on vacation so we missed out on those picture day memories but this year I was ready! A week before picture day the school sent out the reminder with a little note attached that offered students the option to take Sibling Pictures! So you know it was on and popping.


1.Figure out the hair the night before

Hair is a big deal in my house, we have so much hair and never enough time. It’s especially important for  picture day so I strongly advise you to have a game plan for hair. The night before the big day, I took down Vayda’s ponytails so that her fro would have just enough time to puff up -all the while knowing I’d regret it when it came time to tame that beast again. I did the same with Zaniel’s hair and instantly started preparing myself for when I’d have to redo it-I still haven’t got the courage to start that task yet.

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Picture day hair


2.Practice and encourage smiling

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Take your child to the mirror and practice and encourage smiling. Lord knows I wish my mother would’ve done this when I was in school because I have many school pictures with weird/awkward smiles that have “mysteriously” disappeared over the years. I took extra time to teach and encourage each kid to smile for picture day. Vayda and Zaniel are naturals but Zion needed just a bit of help.


3. Stroke Egos

I tell my son’s how handsome they are so much so that they think that’s their name. No, seriously I told my aunt this same thing and to prove it to her we walked into a crowded room where Zion was and I said Handsome and he looked up at me. She thought I was crazy. Don’t even get me started on Vayda, she thinks her real name is “Pretty”. I’m a huge advocate for building children’s’ self-esteem and I go all out on special occasions to put them in good spirits.


How does your family prepare for picture day? Let me know below.



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