10 Worship Songs That Will Leave You With The Ugly Cry

My absolute favorite part of church service is praise & worship and if I had to choose between them, worship would trump praise any day. I love the emotional closeness I feel with God during worship service. I once saw a Facebook status a guy posted that read, “Why do I feel the need to cry every time I go to church? ”. I couldn’t help but to burst into laughter because that is so me. It’s like as soon as they start revving up that organ the tears start flowing. I simply cannot control myself. And I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. So if you’re like me and you love worship service too, today is your lucky day because I’ve compiled a list of 10 worship songs that will leave you with the “ugly cry”. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I’ve also provided links to each song on my YouTube Channel (make sure you subscribe) so you can get started on your ugly cry.

10 Worship Songs That Will Leave You With The Ugly Cry

1. More Than Anything-Lamar Campbell

2. Why We Sing-Kirk Franklin

3. Speak To My Heart-Donnie McClurkin

4. Ain’t No Need To Worry-The Winans Featuring Anita Baker

5. Conquerors-Kirk Franklin & The Family

6. You Are God Alone-Marvin Sapp

7. Praise Him In Advance-Marvin Sapp

8. No Weapon– Fred Hammond

9. Great Is Your Mercy –Donnie McClurkin

10.Incredible God, Incredible Praise-Youthful Praise

Let me know of any other songs that give you the ugly cry so that I can add them to the list.


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5 thoughts on “10 Worship Songs That Will Leave You With The Ugly Cry

  1. I love this piece, it speaks volume. Yes I too am one of those that will break into an “ugly cry ” when praise and worship is going forward and I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I see it like this, no matter what your situation is at that moment God uses that time to get your heart and minister to us while we minister to him. And at those moments we are as close to Him as we can be. Thanks for the links and I guess I’ll be in “ugly cry” mood today and I look nothing but forward to being that close to my Savior once again.

  2. YES! I LOVE a lot of these songs and you put me on too a few as well. Shekinah Glory “Yes” will have my nose running regardless the time or day! Amen! So many Gospel songs nowadays don’t have the Holy Spirit anymore. I’m so happy that these songs are still being talked about and preserved because they are so helpful.

    1. How could I ever forget Shekinah Glory?! That will definitely be on part 2!

  3. Yes, that was me this morning. Everytime I tried to get out the car, I started crying again.. Shekinah Glory will give you that ugly cry….

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