I Wanna Buck Too!

Watching Bring It with Ms. Diana and the Dancing Dolls has ignited something inside of me. I want Ms. Diana to yell at me until I cry at practice, I wanna roll my eyes at Neva in the hallway on the way to stand battle and I  wanna walk through the hallways on competition day with my bonnet on too, but most of all I wanna touch the top of Tracy’s’ flattop.

When I first started watching Bring It a few seasons ago I was immediately hooked. I’d  never even considered dance as a form of expression for me but the Dancing Dolls had me looking up majorette groups I could join. Sadly I couldn’t find any for adult women, I only found groups with members age 18 and younger and I was seriously thinking “I could pass for 18”-Like I was actually thinking this, but then I realized I’d have to find a fake mama to sign my permission slips and that was just too much trouble.

The closest thing I could find to what I was looking for was a pole dancing class, but I’ve taken one before and while it was fun I’m looking for more of a commitment. And then I discovered the very talented Lydia Sims on Instagram, if you’re not following her you NEED to. Lydia is a dancer, choreographer and movement coach. When I tell you she brings it, I promise you I’m not lying. Now her dance style is MUCH more “mature” than what  the Dancing Dolls do and if I’m being honest that’s  exactly what I’m looking for. She teaches sensual dance moves and techniques all in a pair of heels (my kinda girl). The only problem is that she travels which means I still don’t get my commitment to dancing  but I promise you whenever she comes to my city or whichever one I happen to be in at the time I’m signing up.  Imma be there heels in hand, real early looking super thirsty, I ain’t shame.





  1. I’ve never learned how to dance. I’m so uncoordinated. lol But I admire anyone who can dance really well. I say if you can’t find what you’re looking for then create it. I’m sure there are other adult women who want to dance too. Also check out meetup.com and see if you can find something in your area. Thanks for sharing Lydia’s IG I’ll check her out.

    1. Author

      See my problem is I can learn the dance but I can’t create one lol. But I never thought about looking into meetup groups, that’s a great idea thanks so much for that suggestion!

  2. Yes! Love the dancing dolls I struggle with thinking the moves are a little over specialized for the teens but the jam and r super sweet. What I don’t like is the male twist spin off they have out. So hard to watch I cringe at the commercial..deff going to have to look up this dance instructor

    1. Author

      For a minute I used to think that maybe the dance move we’re a little much then I realized they could be imitating those dance moves at the wrong places but instead they’re being trained and competing and I think they are way too busy to be “fast” so I got over it lol

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