Dear Tachina Arnold, You Go Girl!


ast week it was reported that Tachina Arnold and her husband Rico Hines were getting divorced after Tachina found out that Rico had been having multiple affairs with various different women. I’ll be the first to admit I was a bit shocked by this because it was just last year that I saw an episode of Wife Swap that featured them and they seemed to be doing pretty good. We found out later that not only did Rico cheat but he videotaped it, Say What Now?!

That’s not even the craziest part of it all, apparently Tachina started a group chat with Rico’s family and flooded the chat with screenshots of his dirty deeds, and the cherry on top was the aforementioned sex tape )))))BOOM((((( The sex tape was accompanied with this message:

“It’s over between Rico and I. This is where I part ways and all bets are off. I can’t for the life of me understand why Rico would video himself f—ing ‘raw dog’ ONE of his MANY extraneous whores that ‘trick’ on him for his money.”


My initial reaction to this was obviously empathy I don’t want to see anyone’s marriage end, especially because of infidelity but that empathy soon turned to fury when later I learned that blogs were labeling her “A woman scorned” and saying she was “taking it too far”. Why is she getting the negative attention and nasty labels? Why isn’t anyone writing an article about him being a “Nasty Man” with “No integrity” who put his wife’s health at risk? Well if they won’t I will, Hey Nasty, I mean Rico.

Tachina Arnold did exactly what I would’ve done; heck I probably have done worse. Why is it that when women are cheated on its looked down upon when we seek revenge especially publicly? The focus is almost always on how the woman reacts and not the filthy deed that the man has done. If we air a cheating spouses dirty laundry we’ve “taken it too far” never mind our health or heartache. We’re often time encouraged to suffer in silence-alone. We’re never given permission to “act the fool” just as our male counterparts have done. I’m sorry but I commend Tachina for exposing her husband’s infidelities in the best/worse possible way to his family, let him feel the exact same embarrassment and betrayal she felt and even then that won’t compare to what she’s been through. His true character and integrity needs to be exposed to those closest to him and he should be left to pick up the pieces. And while he’s doing all that I just wanna take the time to tell Tachina,

Tachina Arnold
Photo courtesy @tachinaarnold Instagram

You Go Girl! Here’s to a fresh new start and a banging life with someone who deserves you for your beauty inside and out.






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2 thoughts on “Dear Tachina Arnold, You Go Girl!

  1. Good read! She shouldn’t have to suffer in silence. If she wasn’t the wife then yea, public announcement may be dramatic, comical and in most cases unnecessary. She shared her pain with the people who were invested in their marriage. He deserves to feel embarrassed he made a lot bad decisions and risks. After watching wife swap I did feel that he was a little emasculated but thats no excuse to do what he did. I’m sure she learned a lot and if she leans on The Lord she will jump start her life back into a positive direction. She’s in my prayers!

  2. I think that her sharing it with family was the defining factor in her being petty or not and in this case she wasn’t she shared it with his family and not the world which was in my opinion very “nice” of her. I too hope that she leans on God to find peace and happiness and I’m glad you enjoyed this post thanks so much for commenting.

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