Are You Watching Atlanta Plastic?

A few weeks ago Lifetime premiered its new reality show Atlanta Plastic which features successful African American plastic surgeons Dr. Baron, Dr. Crawford and Dr. Jones. I am in love, this show came right on time especially since I’m currently going through a bad breakup with ratchet reality TV.

Atlanta Plastic is quite refreshing and also a pretty adequate substitute for the void that bad reality TV left in my life. I am most excited to see the beautiful female surgeon Dr. Aisha McKnight – Baron. Dr. Baron is the ultimate shero. She is a breast cancer survivor and in addition to her being eloquent and intelligent she is naturally gorgeous. Her blunt yet soft spoken personality is a positive and realistic depiction of a successful black woman about her business and I love every bit of it!

Atlanta Plastic’s first episode featured a tummy tuck, liposuction and breast implants by the handsome Dr.Crawford (if nothing else watch this show to get a good look at him). His first patient Tiffany wanted a new lease on life after birthing and breastfeeding 4 children. This is a struggle I know all too well. Her post opt results were amazing! I’m seriously considering Dr.Baron for my little nip and tuck in a few months because the work he did on Tiffany was incredible.
Dr. Wright Jones is kind of quirky but very direct. There’s no doubt he is great at what he does. I won’t lie I was kind of skeptical of what he would do to transform the “ugly duckling” Iris. I can’t believe they referred to her as that (television is a cruel -cruel place). But the rhinoplasty, along with chin and jaw line contouring made a world of difference in her appearance. That along with an abdominoplasty had Iris feeling like a new woman. Not only did Iris look great but I could feel her joy emitting from the TV, I’m so happy Dr. Jones was able to help her out of her depression all while maintaining a natural look.
Dr. Baron’s patient went full out with her surgery; homegirl got a breast lift, lipo on her stomach, flanks, back and a labiaplasty. Now I understood why she wanted the lipo and the lift but the labiaplasty took me a little off guard and I’m a pretty open minded person. But to each his own, if it makes you happy, girl do it.

Lifetime did an awesome job of highlighting successful black professionals with a positive platform. I am however disappointed that I only found out about the show while watching Bring It. I’ve seen absolutely zero advertising for Atlanta Plastic and the Social Media for this show is almost nonexistent.
If you’re looking for some “good” reality TV Atlanta Plastic is definitely one to watch. You can catch Atlanta Plastic Fridays at 10/9c on Lifetime.





  1. OMG! I was a little hesitant when I first learned of this show. Out of curiosity, I watched a repeat of the first episode, and was so pleasantly surprised! I sure hope that it can generate the ratings to continue on for another season. The show is such a breath of fresh air compared to some of the other stuff that’s being aired.

    1. Author

      I was kind of wary at first too like here we go again with some mess lol but it was definitely the opposite of what I was expecting. I really do hope they get picked up for another season. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Interesting story, seems worth watching. I’m amazed how much more black people emerge on the screen – I believe that’s a racial progress for our country

  3. This is interesting post. I will be waiting for more related posts.

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