12 Things You Need to Know If You Didn’t Catch The Toni Braxton Biopic Unbreak My Heart


id you watch the Toni Braxton biopic last night? I did, I tried to tweet and watch it live but between trying to do Zaniel and Vayda’s hair and cook I ended up watching it on my DVR a little bit later. If you didn’t catch it I’m sure lifetime will be blowing up the spot with reruns for the next two months so don’t panic.

Toni Braxton is easily one of my top 5 entertainers. Her voice is soothing, she is classically gorgeous and she has this eloquent mystery about her. So it’s true, I’ve been anticipating this movie since I first heard they were casting for it.

After watching Unbreak My Heart here are 12 things I took away from it.

  1.  Like most made for TV biopics, the acting was subpar but the storyline was effective and that was appreciated. Toni narrated the story and provided the music and executive produced the film.
  2. I look more like Toni Braxton when I put on my mommy wig than ol’ girl did but eh, they did better than Wendy Williams did casting the Aaliyah movie so I won’t complain.
  3. They did, however, nail it with the actors who portrayed Babyface (Gavin Houston) and Tamar (Tiffany Hines). The guy playing Babyface had that soft arrogant way about him and the actress playing Tamar had wide-eyed and EXTRA down pat also Debbi Morgan as Ms. Evelyn was phenomenal.
  4. Babyface thinks he knows everythang which is unbearably annoying.
  5. The first time Toni filed bankruptcy was because of a bogus record deal, not because she spent $2000 on Gucci flatware one time (people need to let that go, I still remember when Oprah dogged her out about that).
  6.  Listening to all her old music will have you in your feelings. I was looking at Brown Sugar side-eyed all night and I still don’t know why.
  7.  Ms. Evelyn had the opportunity to be a solo singer but she didn’t want to leave her group behind so she turned it down and was never given the opportunity again.That sucks.
  8.  Ol’ boy that played Toni’s ex-husband Keri was fione. I did some digging and his name is Andre Hall, apparently he’s in the sitcom “Love thy Neighbors but for some reason he looks completely different..…runs to find him on Instagram.
  9.  Me and Toni both love Anita Baker but who doesn’t.
  10.  La Reid lost a bet and had to buy Toni a Porsche.
  11.  Michael Braxton, Toni’s dad is a low down dirty monkey with a wig on for cheating on Ms. Evelyn for 9 years with some scallywag at the church he pastored smh.
  12.  I still don’t know why Toni and Keri divorced although I get the feeling she’s a person who likes to figure things out on her own and Keri was a distraction.



That’s pretty much everything you need to know until you catch the next airing on Lifetime. If you did catch it last night how did you like it?



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