7 Holiday Travel Tips

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The holidays are crazy enough but throw some travel in there, and it’s a pretty good chance you can go crazy. Over the years there are a few habits I’ve formed to make my travel a lot smoother and much more enjoyable when I travel for the holidays so here are 7 holiday travel tips.

1. Clear Your DVR

I’m a hoarder, I hoard, information, I hoard books and TV Shows are no different. I would be devastated if I returned from a holiday trip to find out my favorite shows didn’t record. So about a week before I leave I take a few minutes to clear the DVR. First on the chopping block is all of my husband’s shows, because clearly, my shows are more important than his. I’ll then delete old shows that I’ve seen already (look I already told you I’m a hoarder) and when I return home from my trip, I can pick up where I left off.

2. Pack Your Self Care

Nature Made-Probiotics-Walmart-Giveaway- nature made vita melts- hair skin and nailsI’ve been trying to keep my self-care a priority, and I don’t want to get sidetracked while on vacation, so I pack my self-care items for holiday vacations too. I stop by Wal-Mart for their everyday low prices on Nature Made® and I pick up VitaMelts for my Hair, Skin, and Nails. Nature Made® is the #1 Pharmacist Recommended brand for many key dietary supplement categories*. Nature Made® has a variety of vitamins, minerals, and supplements to help support nutritional gaps with your health goals in mind ranging from Digestive Support, Heart Health & Function, Energy Metabolism, Women’s Health and much more!†. I choose the Hair, Skin and Nails VitaMelts for my vacations so that I can maintain my beauty regimen even when I’m on the go. Nature Made® vitamins offer an easy, convenient way to help your body get the nutritional support it needs every day, whether it be to support bone health, immune health or energy metabolism (helping convert food into energy).†

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3 Reasons I love the Nature Made® VitaMelts

1. Strawberry Lemonade Flavor nuff said.
2. Melt in your mouth so I can take them anywhere. I can take them while I’m waiting in line for security check at the airport, I can take them while in the lobby of my hotel waiting to check in and I can take them on a road trip. I don’t need water, and they’re low maintenance.
3. The biotin in the VitaMelts helps support healthy hair, skin, and nails, while the Vitamin C helps support collagen production. The VitaMelts are perfect for summer or winter trips.


3. Put Your Mail On Hold

Crime rises during the holidays and a dead giveaway that you’re not home during the holidays is your mail is piling up or spilling out of the mailbox. Put it hold until you get back in town.

4. Unplug Unnecessary Gadgets

I make it a practice to unplug all unnecessary electronics while I’m away because wasting energy is just wrong. So I unplug toasters, coffee makers, printers, etc. I don’t, however, unplug my TV because I need my DVR to capture all my shows remember?

5. Trash the Trash

This is an obvious one but can be forgotten if you’re in a hurry. Take the trash out, and check for any produce that might expire while you’re away. I once left potatoes out while I was away and the smell was rancid when I returned.

6. Pack a Travel Diary

Travel journals are all the rage right now. Take a small journal with you to document the day’s adventures or experiences. It doesn’t have to be anything too serious maybe even bullet points of the most memorable things done for each day. You’ll appreciate it once it’s time to get back to the real world.

7. Unplug

Don’t spend the entire time live streaming or photographing your adventures take that time to make memories and then log them in your travel journal later. They’ll mean so much more, and you’ll appreciate the time with your friends, family, or your much needed me time.
What are some of your holiday travel tips?


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