10 Essentials for Traveling With Small Kids

With my husband being in the military we travel a lot. But with my husband being in the military and us being stationed on an island, we travel a whole lot. Brown Sugar absolutely dreads the idea of flying with the kids, but I love it! So since we travel so much, I have pretty much perfected (if that’s even possible) how to fly with 3 small kids. Traveling with small kids can be really stressful so here are some airline travel essentials that have helped me along the way.

  1. Help. Always try to enlist help. Earlier this year, I flew from Chicago to Hawaii with all three kids ages 3 years, 18 months and 6 months, with 3 layovers. IT WAS HORRIBLE. Brown Sugar had to get back on island for work and I had no one else to fly with me. The worst times were when I had to change diapers or get to the next gate. I was lucky enough to run into people that graciously offered to help me so that was a blessing, but still stressful nonetheless. Try to have help whenever you fly with small kids.

Vayda in Addidas suit

  1. Comfortable Clothes. When it was just me and Zion flying, I used to dress him in his favorite slippers and a 2 pc. pajama set (the 2 pc. was easier when I had to change him). Now, my go-to travel clothes for all 3 are Adidas track suits. One reason I love these is because they are made of really good quality, also if a kid gets too hot or cold, they have the jacket to remedy the problem. And again, the pants are really easy to pull off for diaper changes or potty runs. I also love the uniformity of them all in the same thing so if a kid wanders off they aren’t too hard to describe or find.
  1. Change Of Clothes. I bring a change of clothes for everyone, myself and Brown Sugar included because Zaniel will surely throw up on one of us.
  1. Comfortable Shoes. My go-to travel shoes for them are hands down Crocs. I cannot express how important they are to me just in life :-). These also slide on and off very conveniently and kids love them because they can put them on themselves and they’re comfortable (I can attest to that).
  1. The Right Stroller. This is key to having as smooth a flight as possible especially if you have a layover. My Foundations Triple Stroller has truly been a lifesaver. Up until 2 months ago, I was operating with a double stroller and while it was great for 2 kids, it simply wasn’t cutting it for my crew of 3. Zion is still at the stage where he wants to be held and I simply can’t hold him and push a stroller when I’m in a hurry so my  has helped out tons. I plan to do a review on it in the future, so check back later for that.
  1. Snacks. I try to pack snacks that aren’t filled with sugar because I don’t want them bouncing off the walls the entire flight; I also like to get snacks that make little to no mess. Some of my favorites for Zion and Vayda are String Cheese, Vienna Sausages  (I have yet to find an organic version – let me know if you know of any), grapes, bananas and organic fruit pouches. For Zaniel, I pack Mum’s and organic baby food pouches, but he mostly hangs off my boobs the entire flight so getting snacks for him is no biggie.
  1. Sippy Cups.  And water bottles for me and Brown Sugar. These are essential because you don’t want to deal with spills on a flight. I usually fill our cups up with water because we get plenty of free drinks on the flight.

Zion playing with toys on the plane

  1. In-flight entertainment. For all flights – long or short – I always bring the iPad, Kurio, and the Kindle Fire. They always end up fighting over the iPad and I’m assuming because it’s easier for them to maneuver, but I bring the others just in case. I also bring a book for myself, my husband’s Beats, and if we’re having a really difficult time, I pull out surprise toys for each of them. This works best if the toys are new and you don’t show them until you’ve exhausted all other resources. I usually pick up some Hot wheels for Zion and a baby doll for Vayda. Again Zaniel just wants to play with my boobs so I only pack a teething toy from home for him.
  1. Blankets for each kid. Because the thought of using those recycled blankets freak me out.
  1. Rolling backpacks. They love rolling these things around the airport and they look so cute doing it. And obviously, they hold all the crap I mentioned above.

These are my go-to items for traveling with small kids, what are yours?

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