Here’s to 2017!

I been gone for a minute now I’m back at the jump off.


Sorry, I had to get that Lil Kim verse out of my head. But it is true I  took a little blogging break to center myself. Last year was pretty live for me. I started to appreciate just how good 2016 was to me when I saw my social media timeline filled with people crying and moaning about how much 2016 sucked. I can’t speak for them, but my 2016 was Lit. Today I ran across my list of 2015 blessings, and I decided that each year I’ll record my blessings. Here’s a little rundown of how epic my 2016 was:


-I accomplished so many things that I thought would take longer than they actually did.

-I didn’t get pregnant-Thank ya Jesus!

-I shot a commercial with my family which airs this month-Watch out Kerry Washington!

-I became emotionally closer to my husband –Didn’t even think that was possible.

-I scored free childcare for my kids that in and of itself was enough to make 2016 amazing.

-My husband got promoted $$




-I decided to take care my self-care more seriously by making myself a priority.

-We did a little lot of traveling, Chicago twice, DC and Disney World.

In hindsight 2016 was good to me, and I’m eager to learn and accomplish even more in 2017.

This year I intend to flow, flow in the direction of my purpose, happiness, and success.

This year I will:

-Meet and connect with beautiful people and form new friendships while nurturing old ones.

-Go places I’ve never gone before spiritually and physically.

-Seek opportunity.

-Embrace being a mother and a wife.

-Help others grow.


-Improve my physical self.

-Learn something new.

– Be Intentionally happy.


This year good things will flow to me and through me, and I pray that they flow the same for you in 2017.


Here’s to a banging 2017!



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