7 Real Reasons You Need To Have Sex With Your Husband Every Day

Ok, let me share something with you. People always ask me for relationship advice – single people, married people, people that want to be married and people that want to be single. I don’t know why girl, they just do. So I’ve decided to make my first relationship post about something that people keep asking me.

In the last 12 months, I’ve had 3 different married friends from 3 totally different backgrounds ask or inquire about how often I have sex with my husband, (for comparative purposes) basically seeing if the amount of sex they were having was normal. Apparently, I’m the one that’s abnormal because when I answered “Almost every day, but we definitely don’t go more than two days without it” they all had equally shocked responses of “What?! I don’t know how you do that?” Or “I just, I don’t feel like it.” So I am eager to express to you 7 reasons I think you should have sex with your husband every day. Beware: I’m pulling back the covers on this one.

  1. One of the most important reasons you should have sex with your husband every night, day or, however, you get it on is because before he got married, he was probably getting it every day from you or somebody else. And for that to change when he made the ultimate commitment to you is honestly just a slap in the face. In my humble opinion, you’re basically denying him his God given right (1 Corinthians 7:5). You need to be throwing that thang in a circle every chance you get.
  1. Because it’s flattering. The fact that my husband still desires me is a major turn on, I don’t know about you but I like being liked! In addition, I know I’m not bruising his ego with constant rejection.
  1. Sex is the one thing that I am the sole provider of. So I had better be good at it. It’s my job and I don’t ever want to clock in late or look up and my position is being filled because I didn’t take the job seriously, you get where I’m going with this?
  1. Because that heifer at work will, #ImJustSayin. Now when I say “that heifer” I’m not talking about anyone in particular, but I am talking about someone specific. That girl that wears the tight ACU’s to work, or that one chick on the train that thought he was flirting with her when he was just being a gentleman when he gave up his seat. Or even that girl at the gym that smiles just a little too hard at him. If that ain’t enough reasons why I don’t know what is. My theory is wear him out until he’s too tired to think about anyone else. Basically, until the thought of even being with someone else seems silly to him.
  1. Ok so when I had this conversation with two neighbors the conversation went something like this:

Neighbor #1: Greg’s* been bugging me because he thinks we need to have more sex.

Neighbor #2: Yea Tim* has been on me about that too.

Me: (Looking straight ahead cause I don’t wanna be in nobody’s business)

Neighbor #1: Tata how often do you guys do it?

Me: Everyday.

Neighbor #2: “What?! And you’re pregnant too? How do you even do that? (And then that’s when she said something key) That’s probably why your husband treats you so good”.

Me: (With a smile on my face) Probably

Do you get the point I’m trying to make here? My husband treats me well. He talks to me kindly, he considers my opinion in all things, and he helps with the kids. And anything that I want he will get it for me, even if it’s something that I say just in passing and I’ve forgotten I’ve mentioned it. It’s the least I can do considering he works hard for our family, not only to provide our basic needs but our wants too, so why wouldn’t I take care of his as well?

  1. Sex is everywhere. Men are bombarded with sexual temptations daily. Let that sink in, your husband is tempted DAILY. You need to be having sex with him at least that much. In today’s overly sexualized society you cannot even open your computer without seeing videos of somebody twerking, whether it’s Miley Cyrus or Amber Rose, and on top of that, it’s all over the TV too. Women are on reality shows doing the most to stay relevant, women are walking around outside nearly naked, and everybody wants to be a stripper or look like one. Not having sex with your husband every day is like sending a parched man to a waterpark. And please believe I don’t want my husband sliding down nobody’s inner tube but mine.
  1. Sex between husband and wife is to me the most intense satisfying experience that the two can share. Depending upon your lifestyle sex could possibly be the only opportunity to connect with your spouse on a deeper level. The average married couple only has sex 8 times a month. That is 22 missed opportunities to bond with your mate. Whether we acknowledge it or not bonding is one of the most important aspects of a healthy marriage.

With all that being said I hope this post didn’t make you cringe. But if it did you probably needed to hear this lol.

*Not their real names

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58 thoughts on “7 Real Reasons You Need To Have Sex With Your Husband Every Day

  1. I thought this post was true to the heart in every way. Women both single and married need to hear the truth sometimes when it comes to meeting a mans needs. You just spoke the truth to what women constantly it put in the back of their minds. As a woman who loves being in a committed, monogamous relationship sex is endearing and special and definitely has to be good in order for everyone to feel satisfied. I loved this post! Keep em coming!!!

    1. My first husband and I barely ever had sex anymore towards the end of our marriage. I was not at all interested in sex (with him). However I’m very interested in having sex with my new husband ( going on 9 years now). Now the shoes on the other foot because he’s not that interested in having sex with me! He is 7 years older and uses that as his excuse. Now I know how my first husband felt……any advice out there??

      1. Forgot to add that I no longer feel close to him….! I have told him this too.

        1. Good luck to you! Keep the intamacy alive. Doesnt have to end up gaining sex but let’s one another k the ow you love and care for them.

  2. I loved this and looking forward to more of your blogs!!! Sex is very important in a marriage as well in a relationship… My ex def should read this because lack of sex def drained our relationship smh!!!

    1. I don’t think people realize how important sex really is! Sometimes that can be the only thing keeping you connected even if things are bad in your relationship.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. Sex plays a very important role in a relationship. I’ve been telling ppl for years denying your spouse sex is asking for more problems! Well spoken Ta!

  4. Great post Tata, but what about the man is the one who doesn’t want sex? In some situation the women do everything she can so that her man desire her but he’s not interested. Some women wish to have sex everyday!

    1. I think if you’re trying everything and he’s still rejecting sex, more than likely there are other reason’s why. Sex or lack of can sometimes be the surface of the issue and you should try to find out why. For example you could be doing everything right but he may be having health issues that he’s not comfortable discussing that are causing him to shy away from sex. That’s just an example keep in mind! But you should absolutely get to the root of the issue. Another example may be that he’s over worked and it may take a little more work for him to unwind.

    2. I’m in the same boat. I ask why & still nothing

  5. This is bizzarre. I’m sorry. Only way to bond is sex? God given right? He is bombarded with sex? Sex is the least you can do?

    1. It was pretty clear and concise I’m sorry you’re so confused.

    2. I agree, this is one of the most offensive articles I’ve ever read.

    3. Completely agree!!
      Everything is basically centered around keeping him from cheating. A good man and husband is a good man and husband regardless of how many times he gets some. I have an amazing marriage, and we certainly don’t have sex daily. With that being said, I know without hesitation that my husband will never stray. If you have to have sex with him everyday in order to keep him from going out and getting it somewhere else, going after that chick at his job or taking care of chores and his family… then something is seriously wrong! My husband works, cooks, cleans, takes care of me AND our children… again, without getting some everyday!!

      1. “My husband will never stray” — every wife that was ever cheated on

        I’m a guy who has been married 25 years. We don’t have sex anymore. Well, a few times a year, and it’s lousy. Let me tell you I’ve known many men in “happy” marriages that have cheated on their wives. It’s almost always because of loss of intimacy. To a man, sex isn’t just getting your rocks off. It’s how we bond with women and establish intimacy. Being desired by a woman sexually is very important. If a wife wants to play games by withholding sex, they deserve to be cheated on. Good luck with your marriage.

      2. Brittany — “Good” men cheat. Don’t think that your husband isn’t capable of it. If you don’t believe me talk with some women who have experienced it. Chances are, you’ll never know if he does, unless he decides to divorce you and run off with her.

  6. Reading this story is comforting but in my life I’m the one that wants it everyday & he thinks everything is fine. He says ” We can bond other ways”….I think is I was getting it everyday b4 marriage NOW NOTHING

    1. If you were at it everyday and now nothing I think you need to identify what’s changed. Maybe it’s your lifestyle, the addition of children, longer job hours, more stress etc. That’s the first step. I also think that it’s important to express to him how it makes you feel when he turns you down (we have egos too). He may not directly tell you why he’s holding back, that’s something you might have to piece together but there’ll be clues-for example how does he respond when you approach him, what’s his excuse? I also think when you have a conversation about it you should be in a neutral area. Not in the bedroom, maybe in the car or at a park somewhere that way he won’t feel attacked. Also be very careful with your words men are much more sensitive than they let on and since this is an intimate subject you want to approach it as cautiously as possible. Good luck! I hope you get some soon!

  7. great post. my husband would be happy to hear this!

  8. I will be getting married in September. I will say that sex is designed for marriage and is far too powerful to be used outside of it. We have decided to honor God and our bodies by waiting until marriage to have sex! Thanks for sharing! This was awesome!

    1. Congratulations on your union Maya! That’s amazing that you’ve decided to wait until marriage and sex outside of marriage is far too powerful to be used outside of it is such a powerful statement and I love it!

  9. Tata!!!!!!!!!!! I loved this!!! Loved it! Everything you said was true! I’m forever saying that Sex is the Ruler of the Bedroom Nation! It plays no games….especially in marriage!

  10. EVERYDAY? You don’t get sore/irritated down there? Even with lube I get sore!!

    1. Nope, in the words of Rhianna a chick never ever had to use lipgloss on it-Lol I’m totally lying. I don’t get sore much but if I’m having one of those let’s get it over with type of nights then coconut oil is my best friend. We looove coconut oil in this house and you can use it for everything, its natural and feels and smells good. We never use lube only coconut oil.

      1. I am 60 we have been married 30+ years and have used grape seed oil for the last 10 years, and the sex has never been better or more frequent than the first year of marriage A side benefit, yeast infections are a thing of the past, although I cannot guarantee it is a direct result of the grape seed oil.

  11. Girl!

    I love this post! You are fabulous for saying, I completely agree, men are bombarded every day and as wives we have to understand that. Wanting to please your husband does not make you less of a woman, less strong, it just means that you put your man first. It is important to him, men are physical beings.

    God bless you for writing it…

    1. You put it perfectly, “Wanting to please your husband does not make you less of a woman”. I think women sometimes get so caught up in independence that we forget the basics; I read a book called The Proper Care of Husbands and the author stated in the first few pages that most men want sex, food and their children taken care of, you do those 3 things and you’re more than halfway to marital bliss lol.
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  12. Tara, never heard of your blog until Code Red Flag and this article RIGHT here made me subscribe honey! I am not married “yet” but I needed validation on what I was thinking (but was afraid to voice to ny married friends with husbands that complain about lack). My boyfriend of almost a year revealed to me some time ago this was an issue for him in his last relationship to his fiancé. In addition to other problems the lack of sex/affection, he says he couldn’t imagine signing up for a lifetime of begging. Needless to say I’ve learned from her mistakes and from married girlfriends like you “schooling” me on maintaining a healthy relationship. It helps that I’m a very sexual being, but it also reinforces that creating a lifetime bond is part of my commitment.

    1. Hey, Kathy! Thanks for subscribing, girl please let your married friends be the example for you, that’s not the way to go. Refusing sex is a snowball effect that will almost always lead to bigger issues in a marriage that more than likely could’ve been avoided. The fact that your fiance said he couldn’t imagine signing up for a lifetime of begging speaks volumes and I’m so glad you could learn from her mistakes beforehand. I don’t think men should be made to beg in the bedroom I mean I’m all down for a little teasing but if a man has to constantly beg then that’s a problem.
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  13. I’m in total agreement with you. My problem is my husband doesn’t want sex as frequently as I do. He had low testosterone and I think that plays a big factor. I guarantee that if that wasn’t the case he would get tired of me taping him on the shoulder. It’s out closest time of intimacy.

    1. Hi Martha, what have you all tried for your husbands low testosterone? Have you tried any natural remedies? I’m big on natural remedies for just about everything, I’ve heard some great herbs to try for low testosterone are Saw Palmetto, Horny Goat Weed and Tribulus Terrestris. Don’t give up on sex you need it too! If you do try any of these natural herbs let me know how it works out for you!
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  14. I’m not married yet, but I can see why this is so important in a marriage. I definitely think it’s important to appease your husband and make sure he is happy. I see from other comments that a lot of married women took your advice to heart!

  15. I’m not married, but we’ve been at this thing for 12+ years now. Intimacy is a big part of a relationships and sex provides that. You get to connect with your partner on a much deeper level. Throw that thang in a circle girl. hahahaha
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  16. ARROW
    as a male how do you inform your wife that she’s missing the mark… i’m not sure sending her this Blog would make it better… coming from me… everything you have said rings true for me… i have already stopped reaching out to her for sex… i’m just tried of feeling rejected… i work, i do all i can to remove any reason of stress… from grocery shopping to keeping the house clean to walking the dogs when i get home at 3 in the morning after working a 14 hour shift… (i’m not complaining… just explaining) we’ve been married for 40 year she 58 i’m 57 we both still look good… so how do i get the information to her without getting her to feel i’m coming down on her…?

    1. That’s an awesome question Arrow. I’d be honest with her and start by telling her that it’s something that has been bothering you. Tell her why sex is important to you in a way that she can understand, also tell her how much you crave her body. Another tip is to set the mood sometimes women take a little more time to get warmed up but it’s totally worth it. Put some energy into foreplay and dating. Also women withhold for a reason, is there something that she’s been asking or hinting for you to do or stop doing, that is huge take some time to do a little self-evaluation and approach it from a different angle. Lastly, she may be withholding for health reasons that she may not feel comfortable sharing with you so try to find out if that may be the reason. I hope this helps if all else fells let her “stumble upon” this post as she may see it different if reading it from a woman.
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  17. Why does some guys think that the female has to start it all the time i feel like lets hurry up and do it because he wants it .And it will make him feel better and hes so into ot that i dont get to enjoy it all the time like he does.

  18. Brilliant advice, couldn’t agree more. I’m forwarding this to my wife.

  19. Wow! Just read you 7 reasons from 2015. You are so wise. In addition I would say that if a woman keeps herself looking good and smelling good she want ever have to worry about her man straying. Whatever it was that attracted you too each other in the first place just remember that throughout your marriage and he will treat you like the Queen that you are.

  20. I just don’t want to do anything with my husband I turn him away every time I just don’t care it’s not important to me.

  21. What if your husband doesn’t want to have sex with you? I have to beg him to have sex with me and get turned down every time. We have sex maybe once a month at the most. He always has an excuse, he is tired, he had too much to drink, as so on.. I’ve talked to him about this multiple times for years and we have sex and he says he will change only to go right back to how it was. What do I do? I’m at my breaking point!

  22. Intimacy is important but this article is a load of crap. It honestly offends me as a woman. Sex is not a mans given right and comments like that perpetuate rape culture because men are told they deserve women’s bodies whenever they want and this is so far from the truth. Sex is mutual. Women can reject sex and so can men, but no one deserves it or has a right to it. Furthermore, if you have to have sex with your SO everyday so you don’t have to worry about them cheating on you then you shouldn’t be with that person. A relationship should not just be about sex and revolve around it to the point that he will leave if he doesn’t get some. That’s sad if your husband will cheat on you that easily. Intimacy is very important and couples should have sex as often as they both consent too but not for the reasons in this article.

  23. I find this article very shallow, insulting and devoid of good advice. My wife and I didn’t have sex before marriage, yet I was completely committed to her. Why should I now use sex as an excuse to shop around?
    If there isn’t trust in a relationship and I have to find ways to distract my husband or wife to keep him/her interested in and faithful to me, then I dare say there is no relationship. This kind of behaviour is based on fear and not on love, respect and trust.
    There are going to be times when you can’t be together. Or when you can’t have sex for whatever reason, even for extended periods. Find a way to deal with it in a respectful and honourable way.

  24. This blog or article has been mistaken. I’m a man who loves his wife and feels totally rejected, dejected, unloved, and unwanted. Why? Because my wife doesn’t initiate or show any interest in having sex. Although while we were datin(precommitment). Sex was almost all we did. My wife wants for nothing. I still date her weekly, clean around the house, tell her she is beautiful. Cheating is something I consider in the back of my mind. But, it will never happen. And I’m around women everyday. Sex is not just for men. It is proven to be healthy for women to have sex as well. For mood stability in both men and women. I would settle for 3x a week. Everyday could be excessive. But, whatever floats your boat.

  25. We are all sinners and therefore capable of comiting all kinds of sin – all Christians included for we are in different stages of sanctification. James 4:17, states: “Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.” If a man or woman is constantly refusing their spouse, is he or she not sinning? 1 Corinthians 7 is Clear regarding these sort of issues. I would also recommend reading “Love and Respect.” It’s a great book that will help most marriages regarding these topics. For all of you dealing with these issues, I pray that God will grant you the wisdom required to look not at your mate’s imperfections, but to focus on your own before trying to help someone overcome an issue through the use of gentle correction.

  26. Wow, once a month would be nice. Ok, even once every two months. Alright, alright, maybe once in a while…I think. We are cordial and converse the same way most married couples do after 43 years of marriage Even hug sometimes. She is just too busy and not interested any more. I am starting to feel the same way. Not even sure why I wrote this. Sorry for whining.

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  28. I came across this article this morning (1/28/21). It is STILL relevant, refreshing and REAL. THANK YOU for sharing! I LOVE the transparency of this blog! It’s down to earth, easy to The comment section is FIERCE! I’ve subscribed and am looking forward to sharing this with my husband, family and friends!

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