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Are You Making Last Minute Summer Memories?

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Summer is almost over and if you’re anything like me you’re ready for apple cider, long boots, and pumpkin patches but before you rush the summer there are a few reasons you might want to savor the last few moments of summer.



This is the perfect opportunity to get some great photos in the summer sunshine before the trees turn colors and get naked. Pull out your favorites summer dress, let the wind blow through your hair and have a late summer photo-shoot. Photo-Shoots are never not fun and just remember in a few short weeks you won’t be able to go outside without a coat let alone be able to do a photo-shoot so you better smile in the sun while you can, on top of that think of all the memories you’ll make while doing a photo shoot.


There’s So Much Left To Do

What have you really done this summer? Have you done a wine tasting? How many festivals did you attend? The mandatory flyy girl minimum is 4 (just kidding). Groupon is helping you (and me) fulfill our last minute summer fun duties by featuring some really good deals on local events and attractions. If you’re into crowds there are exclusive deals on concerts, festivals, and comedy clubs, but if you want a little less people interaction they also have wine tastings, guided tours, and lessons all sorts of lessons, from horseback riding lessons to rock climbing lessons and even guitar lessons I may try to get in on the horseback riding lessons.


Summer is not over yet, and although it’s been sweltering hot here in Virginia, I know that I’ll be complaining like a baby in a few weeks when summer is long gone. What are your last minute summer fun plans?




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