4 Legit Ways SAHM’s can Contribute that Don’t Involve Hustling Scentsy or Clipping Coupons

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s a SAHM, one thing I’ve struggled with is feeling like I don’t bring monetary value to the household. We live comfortably and are very blessed but there’s nothing wrong with more money or more things-at least in my book.

It’s really annoying when I want to surprise my husband with a gift or date but I have to get the money from him to do it-completely defeats the purpose right? But over the course of these 4 years that I’ve been a SAHM I’ve discovered 4 fail-proof ways to contribute that don’t require you to peddle wraps, hoard Scentsy candles or pimp out your email address for sample packets of shampoo. Don’t you just hate spam? Here are 4 legit ways SAHM’s can contribute to the household.

1. Become an Amazon reviewer and get FREE or EXTREMELY CHEAP stuff

About 4 months ago when I was trolling Amazon for some cute dresses, I noticed that I was seeing a TON of reviews from customers that stated they had received the item for a discount or free in exchange for their honest review. After I read about 10 reviews that ended with that little disclaimer I immediately began my Google search of how to become an Amazon reviewer. Long story short Google didn’t tell me ish- all I got from my search was that I would have to wait for Amazon to ask me to become an “Amazon Reviewer” only after they saw detailed reviews that I had written on products I purchased myself (without a discount). That was extremely disappointing so I moved on with my life.
Then 2 months later sweet baby Jesus shined his light on me. My friend messaged me on Facebook and told me that she’d added me to a group that gives you free or cheap stuff as long as you provide them with a review. After looking over the group I soon realized this was just what I’d wanted. If you want to be an Amazon Reviewer for the cheap or free 99 it’s as simple as having an Amazon account, being a Prime Member (this is vital and worth the investment) and adding yourself to Amazon review groups.
Here are some of the groups that I like:

NeonLights Reviews

Hippie Chicks

Northern Lights

Authentic Product Reviews

Elite Diamond Reviews

Honest Reviews and More

Touch of Class

AMZ Goodies

There are tons of Amazon Review groups on Facebook you don’t have to limit yourself to these after you join these groups you’ll see other suggested groups pop up and you can join those also if you want.

In just 3 weeks here’s SOME of the AMAZING stuff I’ve gotten from reviewing

Essential Oils-Free

Prenatal Pills –Free

Organic Shampoo and Conditioner $1.00

Whitening strips –Free

Invisible Electric Dog Fence-$15.00


120 palette Eyeshadow $3.00

Beauty Creams and Serums-Free or $1.00

Purses- $5.00

Makeup brushes 2.00

Here are some receipts if you don’t believe me


sahm, make money, scentsy, coupons

making money, saving, spending, scentsy, candles, coupons, younique

This is the best-kept secret I’ve found in years.

2. Class action lawsuits

Class action lawsuits are large lawsuits started by a group of people with the same or similar complaints against the same product or company. Basically, a group of people who feel that they were misled or  wronged by the  same company  pursue legal action usually in the form of a lawsuit.

It may sound super legal and complicated but I promise you it’s not, you don’t need to file any legal papers just fill out the claim form of products or services you’ve used that are currently being sued and in a few months receive a check in the mail. l I’ve received checks that range from $5.00 to $1600 just for taking 5 minutes to fill out the form. My favorite sites for finding current class action lawsuits are:

Top Class Actions

Consumer Action

Class Action

*Tip- Some class action lawsuits reach out to claimants directly via mail usually by postcard DON’T THROW THESE OUT! This is the equivalent of throwing money in the garbage. Read the form, fill it out and mail it back or go online and fill out the claim form using the numbers on the postcard.

Class action lawsuits are an easy way to see some extra money flow.

3. Apply Even If You Don’t Qualify

I’m always on the prowl for good deals and ways to make more money or spend less money and many times I’ve done this by asking questions and applying for things even if I don’t qualify, here’s my latest example:

When it was time to move to Virginia I was slightly stressed because we were leaving inexpensive childcare on base behind and that meant I’d be home with the kids by myself 5 days a week with no help. I prayed about it, let it go and we moved. One day about 3 weeks after we got here I saw a flyer for free head start childcare for low-income families. I knew financially we were over income but I called anyway. When I spoke with the director of the program I told her we were over income but I wanted to know if I could pay a portion to get my 4-year-old in the program for 2 days a week. Her response was not what I expected. She said no I couldn’t pay because it was a free program and that they still had slots available for over-income families.

So instead of just having CHEAP childcare for 1 kid, I now have FREE childcare for 3 kids and all because I didn’t let what was on paper stop me. It has been one of the biggest blessings I’ve had since we moved here. The lesson from this is APPLY, APPLY, APPLY even if you don’t qualify.

*And don’t feel bad for being in programs that you’re over qualified for, a lot of times if a program doesn’t get the full number of participants the funding gets cut-so it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

4. Use what you got to get what you want.

I’m naturally nosey, so this past December I completed my registration to be a Private Investigator for the state of Virginia, it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do and also another way to provide extra income in my spare time. If you have a talent turn it into a side hustle. If you have a knack for making blankets, doing hair, or even baking cakes make it work for you and make sure you charge your worth.

There are many ways to contribute to the household but I’ve found these 4 ways to have the best return on investment. Are you a stay at home mom and have you found any ways to contribute that don’t involve clipping coupons or hustling products if so leave them in the comments below?




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4 thoughts on “4 Legit Ways SAHM’s can Contribute that Don’t Involve Hustling Scentsy or Clipping Coupons

    1. Yay! I’m glad you’re gonna start doing it, let me know when those free products start rolling in!

  1. Thank you for sharing your insightful tips! Surviving SAHM’ing is a mental game of accomplishments and boy do these hacks work.
    I’ve been wanting to apply for my PI in which I live in Indiana. But what are the advantages? How do I find good info on combining private investigator with technology background? Thanks so much!

    1. The advantages really depend on what “type” of PI you want to be. Some PI’s only do surveillance and some are better backgrounds and interviewing but there’s plenty work in both specialties, depending on your state you can work independently and make a nice part time income. There are vast opportunities for PI’s with technology backgrounds, in fact, I think the advancement of technology has created more work for PI’s. I’m from Chicago so I’m very familiar with Indiana so if you do get your PI license let me know and maybe we can link up the next time I’m in town.

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