3 Ways to Care for A New Mom Postpartum

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There are two pregnant moms at my son’s school with babies due any day and every time I see them dropping off their little ones I think about how vulnerable I was right after I had a new baby. The postpartum period for us as women is one of the most tender moments of our lives because we have to balance life with a new baby, a family and try to care for ourselves as well. Seeing them reminds me of the time when a dear friend of mine cared for me after I had my baby and I’d like to show them the same kindness I was shown by making things a little easier for them. If you know any moms ready to deliver here are 3 ways to care for them postpartum.

1. Organize A Meal Train

A meal train is a list of people who cook or buy food for the family after a baby is born. The meal train can last for however long the person organizing the train decides but it usually lasts two to three weeks. Meal trains are very common in the military community because when you’re far from family, it’s usually your neighbors and friends who take care of you after your baby is born. Let me just say I am a huge fan of meal trains when Zaniel was born we lived next door to a chef, and she was on the meal train for two days, those were probably the best two days of my life.

When you organize the meal train ask her friends, family, neighbors or church members if they would like to participate.

Use a Meal Train Calendar to write the name of the person cooking and what they plan to cook on what day.  Give a copy of the meal train to the new mom so she’ll know who’s on the meal train. Meal train-postpartum-calendar

*Make sure you ask the family what time they usually eat dinner so that people on the train can know what time to have dinner ready.

*If you decide to organize a meal train also be sure to ask if anyone in the family has any allergies.

2. Clean her home.

Or hire a cleaning service if you don’t have the time. I don’t have the time so I’ll probably hire someone and maybe sneak in a service for myself too. Cleaning up after you have a baby is the very last thing any woman wants to do, and a small thing like a clean kitchen will mean so much.

3. Make her a postpartum basket.postpartum-after birth-peri bottle-depend-pads-postpartum care

after birth- postpartum basket-natural birth-c section

A postpartum basket is the bees knees because it has all of the things women need for the first few weeks after birth. Here’s what you need for a good postpartum basket.

Peri Bottle

A Peri Bottle is used to rinse the lady parts after using going to the bathroom.  Tissue is the last thing you want down there after you’ve had a baby especially if stitches are involved. Or if you want you can buy her a toilet top bidet, I have one, and it has changed my life.postpartum-after birth-peri bottle-depend-pads-postpartum care

White Washcloths

The washcloths are used to pat the lady parts dry after using the Peri Bottle, just be sure that the washcloths are new and have been washed in gentle detergent.postpartum-after birth-peri bottle-depend-pads-postpartum care

Small Pail with Cover

Small pail to put the used washcloths in after she uses them.

Breast Pads

For leaky boobs, even if she isn’t breastfeeding she’ll need these.postpartum-after birth-peri bottle-depend-pads-postpartum care-breast pads

A push gift

It can be a gift card, a watch, or her favorite candle just something to put a smile on her face.

Poise® Maximum Absorbency Pads

After pregnancy, your bladder takes a bit of a beating, and it takes some time for things to go back to normal.  Poise® Maximum Absorbency Pads are awesome for light bladder leakage which is a common occurrence after giving birth. Poise Pads wick away wetness and odor, while the leak-block sides provide discreet protection. Depend is an even better option for mom’s who experience more significant bladder leakage. Young women who have babies can sometimes have bladder leakage problems and  Poise and  Depend provide good protection for those times. If you download the Digimarc Discovery App and scan the Depend packaging it will drive  you to the Sam’s Club Caregiver website. Also when you open your Depend packaging there will be a sticker inside that you can use to redeem an awesome caregiver sample kit at the pharmacy.

postpartum-after birth-peri bottle-depend-pads-postpartum care-breast padspostpartum-after birth-peri bottle-depend-pads-postpartum care-breast pads

I’m a Sam’s Club member so it was easy for me to swing by Sam’s Club and pick up a box of Poise® Maximum Absorbency Pads and put a few in each postpartum basket, Club Members can visit the Sam’s Club Caregiving site to learn more about bladder incontinence.

postpartum-after birth-peri bottle-depend-pads-postpartum care-breast pads-same club- depends- marks member

If you know any mom’s with babies due, take a few moments to make the first few weeks after birth a little bit easier with a postpartum basket, a meal train or a helping them keep their house tidy. What are some ways that you care for new moms?


Items for postpartum basket:


Peri Bottle

White Washcloths

Gentle Detergent 

Small Pail

Breast Pads

Push Gift Ideas: Watch, Purse, Candle

Poise Pads


Tissue Paper


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  1. These are great! I think we should all be more purposeful when it comes to taking care of new moms. It is such a lifestyle change and it helps to have a friend. Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday this week!

  2. I really love this idea, I’m gone make my friend a basket. This is great ta 😊

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