20 Money Manifesting Songs You Need In Your Life

You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Listening to someone’s playlist is right up there with reading their diary so basically Imma be telling y’all all my business when you hear this playlist 😬.

So this is  how it’s gonna go, Imma list the song and then I’ll add my favorite line that gives me straight up money vibes. And then ya’ll ain’t gone judge me. Now before we get into it don’t expect no soft tunes and airy money mantras this playlist is straight up about the bag no chaser. Basically it’s about to get real ratchet up in here.

1. Big Ole Boss by Dej Loaf

“It’s a hundred ways to get paid.” 

This line hits so hard because when you look at the broad picture it really is a hundred ways to get paid right now. This line makes me feel like I’m surrounded by money and there will never be a shortage of it because there are opportunities all around me.

2. 7 Rings by Ariana Grande

I’ve slowly become an Ariana Grande fan. In the past I didn’t understand why she had so many fans but after hearing a few of her songs I’ve definitely become a fan. Here’s my favorite part of 7 Rings.

“Lashes and diamonds, ATM machines

Buy myself all of my favorite things”


“ Yeah, my receipts, be lookin’ like phone numbers

If it ain’t money, then wrong number”

3. Kream by Iggy Azalea

“I got cars, I got bags, I got real estate (Cash rules).

Goals, Goals, Goals. I need all of that!”

Another line I love.

“Keep that energy, gon’ up that Hennessy

I need my bag quickly”

I love this because Hennessy is my jam and Imma always need my bag quickly.

4.  Anything City Girls

No, seriously they are about their bag and I love it. To see young black women so headstrong when it comes to securing their future. I listen to them every day. I mean every single day. Judge ya mama!

I’m currently loving Jobz by them.

“I’on work jobs, b*tch, I am a job (period).”

Nuff said. I am a job.

5. Talk That Talk by Lightskin Keisha

I did not know Lightskin Keisha had bars. I must admit her name was a bit of a turn off and I prejudged her but I am absolutely a fan now. Here are a few lyrics from Talk That Talk aka Rich Bitch.

“I’m on a whole ‘nother level

I been in my bag, and I keep getting better 

I’m getting richer

That ass getting thicker, my diamonds, they keep getting wetter 

F**k I look like going back and forth

With a little b*tch that is not on my level?”

This whole first verse is a mood and I don’t think it requires an explanation.

6. Pour it up Rhianna

I could write the lyrics to the entire song but I won’t but I will drop a few of my favorite lines.

“Throw it up, throw it up

Watch it all fall out

Pour it up, pour it up 

That’s how we ball out”

“All I see is signs

All I see is dollar signs”

“My pocket’s deep, and they never end

I still got my money”

It’s the money confidence for me. 

7. BBHMM by Rihanna

Clearly Rhianna doesn’t play about her money and neither do I. I love to listen to this when I know I’m about to get some money I was overdue to have.

“B*tch better have my money

Y’all should know me well enough

B*tch better have my money

Please don’t call me on my bluff

Pay me what you owe me

Ballin’ bigger than LeBron

B*tch, give me your money

Who y’all think y’all frontin’ on?

Like bra, bra, bra”

8. Bodak Yellow by Cardi B

“These expensive, these is red bottoms

These is bloody shoes

Hit the store, I can get ’em both

I don’t wanna choose”

Why I gotta choose. I don’t want to. I want em both and I’m getting them both.

9. Whole Lotta Money by Bia

“It’s a whole lotta money in this muthafucka”

Nuff said.

Another of my favorite lines.

“If you broke and in my business, thеn just shut up 

I invested in my body b*tch, I’m done up

I look good, I likе to f*ck him when the sun up”

10. Trophies by Drake

First off the whole beat on this song feels like money, but this is my favorite verse.

“I told y’all maf*ckas, man, this sh*t is not a love song

This a doing me and only God can judge song

I do not know what the f*ck you thought it was song

Pop some f*cking champagne in the tub song, n***a, “just because” song”

12. Money by Cardi B

“I was born to flex (yes)

Diamonds on my neck

I like boardin’ jets, I like mornin’ sex (woo!)

But nothing in this world that I like more than checks (money)”


“I gotta fly, I need a jet, sh*t

I need room for my legs

I got a baby, I need some money, yeah

I need cheese for my egg

Everything she said was true, y’all see all these damn kids I got. 

13. Assurance by Davido

I lovvvve me some afrobeats so naturally I love Davido and my favorite song of his is Assurance. In this song he sings about providing total assurance for his wife and providing her every need and want and I’m all about that life. Here are my two favorite verses from Assurance. 

“She say give me assurance


I give my baby assurance

I give my baby lifetime insurance”


“Love is sweet oh

When money enter, love is sweeter”

16. Said Sum Remix by Moneybagg Yo, City Girls and Da Baby

 So I’m a Moneybagg Yo fan. There I said it. The Said Sum Remix  solidified me as a fan and him adding City Girls to it was the icing on the cake. 

“I don’t wanna hear it, ain’t talking the bag I cover my ears”

“І bаll оn thеѕе b**сhеѕ lіkе аnd оnе, Ѕwіѕh

В**сh І’m thе ѕ**t. QС thе сlіquе, wе rісh аѕ а b**сh

Ауе, Міаmі І’m lіt. Раtеk оn mу wrіѕt

Fоllоw thе Drір mу јеwеlrу ѕісk

Рnеumоnіа ріnk dіаmоndѕ gоt thе соrоnа

Моnеуbаgg Runtz thаt’ѕ thе аrоmа

Тhіѕ аіn’t nо mіd frоm Аrіzоnа

В**сh І’m ѕеrіоuѕ, реrіоd

Аll thаt h*е ѕ**t І аіn’t hеаrіng іt

Му n**gаѕ рull uр wіth ѕtісkѕ thеу сlеаrіng іt

Ме аnd ЈТ wе kіllіng іt реrіоd”

17. Get the bag by Gucci Mane

This song is so ratchet I could only put this quote in text lol. 

“You get the bag and fumble it

I get the bag and flip it and tumble it

Straight out the lot, 300 cash”

18. I am by Young Baby Tate

Yes I’m talking about the song that has taken TikTok by storm. The whole song is a vibe and a movement. 

“I get that money and I can spend it ’cause it’s long

Everything on me, no, it’s not rented, b*tch, I own

I know you see it, ain’t gotta tell me ’cause I know”


“I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am rich, I am that bitch (yeah)

I am gonna go get that bag and I am not gonna take your shit (uh)

I am protected, well respected, I’m a queen, I’m a dream (yeah)

I do what I wanna do and I’m who I wanna be”

19 F*ck Up Some Commas by  Future

 It’s the whole chorus for me sis.

“F**k up some commas, let’s f**k up some commas, yeah

Let’s f**k up some commas, let’s f**k up some commas, yeah

Forty thou’ to a hunned thou’

A hunned thou’ ‘nother hunned thou’

Three hunned thou’, five hunned thou’

A milli y’all let’s have a money shower”

20. Desires by Drake ft. Future

When Future said I’m tryna pay all your loans off and cop you a driver I felt that in my spirit. I literally feel a quickening in my soul when I hear that because that is the kind of energy I  like in my life.

“I should’ve put you somewhere where no one could find you 

Mansion out in the sticks with nothin’ around you

Katy, Texas, Dallas, Texas, you know, a different environment”

Yasss Drake change my life lmao! 

So these are my current top manifesting songs. I hope you love them as much as I do. If you want to learn more about things I’ve manifested you can read that here or if you want to level up your manifesting check out my manifesting candles.

Happy Manifesting girl!

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