The Marriage Ultimatum

There is nothing wrong with an ultimatum girl.


ost women are naturally afraid to ask for what they want directly when it comes to relationships. We know how to negotiate salaries, and find the best deals when it’s time for a girls trip but when it comes to getting what we want out of a relationship we often hint at what we want or need from men in hopes that they “get it” especially when it comes to dating and marriage in particular. Just so you know they won’t “get it” and if they do, they’ll act dumb.


Hinting and nagging about what you want is immature and fruitless. If you want to be married make it plain- say it. You are only getting older girl, stop being polite when it comes to your needs and wants in love. Now don’t propose- Lawd please don’t do that, but feel free to smack him with an ultimatum real quick.


I’m a huge fan of ultimatums in relationships, truth be told ultimatums are conducive to a relationships healthy progression. But don’t get it twisted ultimatums aren’t demands and they shouldn’t be confused with begging. They are direct and concise. If you’re stuck in a relationship where you don’t see any progression and you’re ready to be married but your spouse is dragging his feet and telling you to “go with the flow” or not to rush things after you’ve been together for years and ya’ll are doing everything married folks do except filling your taxes together then it’s time for an ultimatum.


Don’t be bound by fear

You may be struggling with the idea of giving an ultimatum for fear that your mate will leave and then you’ll be left with nothing. Don’t be afraid. A marriage ultimatum is a win-win and here’s why.

No longer will you have to worry about if it’s worth staying with someone in hopes of a marriage proposal when you give the ultimatum you are able to find out instantly if the wait is worth it.


Don’t make the mistake of allowing negative thoughts to enter your mind that make you believe that you may not find anyone else if your mate leaves. If your heart is open love, marriage and Mr. Right will find you, most times sooner than you think, just be open to it. I can’t express this enough, you need to be open to love and expect it to happen to you at any time.


If he doesn’t agree to the ultimatum by a certain date and he walks away don’t mourn. Please don’t, instead celebrate! You are no longer wasting your time, if he leaves he’s simply saving you time and making room for the right one and that is surely worth a celebration.

Don’t be her.


One last thing, don’t be confused by vague phrases such as “We’re on the track toward marriage” or “ You’re the only person I see myself with”. These are distractions that men use. We’ve all seen men “shack” up with women and even have children with them for years, only to end up marrying someone they’ve only known for a short amount of time. Don’t be the girl who has wasted her life on the “hope” of marriage only to be left with the pain of regret.



If you’ve been feeling like your relationship is stagnant and marriage is what you want then its time for an ultimatum, I hope this helps.




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