It’s Not OK for Women to Propose to Men

Recently there’s been a rash of videos popping up all over Facebook of women proposing to men. I’m talking get down on one knee, pulling a ring out being all chivalrous. I’ll try to keep this post as cute as I can but I’ll definitely keep it real. First off let me just say that I think its absolutely disgusting to see a woman get down on one knee and beg ask a man to marry her. I just can’t take seeing anymore of these videos in my timeline. I’m sorry I don’t think it’s cute or cool although I do think it’s very gentlemanly. The idea of a woman proposing to a man is ridiculous and exactly what is wrong with relationships today. Women need to stay in their rightful place and men need to step up and be men. The lines are being crossed and at some point there will be no turning back. What happens after you propose and he says yes, do you take the garter from his thigh at the reception after he does a reenactment of Beyoncé’s “Dance for You” in front of all of your friends and family? Do you take out the trash on Thursday evenings and shovel after snowstorms? Look at it like this, if he wanted to marry you he would’ve asked you? Now I’m definitely not saying wait around until forever or maybe even never because I’m the queen of ultimatums but don’t sacrifice your dignity. I cannot fathom how it could’ve possibly been a magical moment if I got down on one knee in my pencil skirt, fumbled around in my purse for a big man ring, while my soon to be husband looked down at me bashfully and accepted my hand in marriage. Women today are doing too much and men simply aren’t doing enough. Its time for men to take their rightful place as men and lead women because if they don’t we end up doing foolish things like this.


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3 thoughts on “It’s Not OK for Women to Propose to Men

  1. I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING IN YOUR POST!!! I would never in my right mind or in my wrong one ask a man to marry me. Somewhere in time, society forgot the roles that a man and woman are supposed to play. Hence the reason when you go back a time, people were married for 40+ years, they understood the importance of playing their role. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a man helping around the house, or a woman helping work on a car as long as the end of the day, both parties understand that MAN is supposed to be her provider, her protector, the leader of their family. I know we are in an age of the INDEPENDENT WOMAN, and I got it. I considered myself very independent.  When I met my husband I already had my own house, car, career and everything in between, but that didn’t stop my from playing my role. We, as women MUST let our men be men. If not years from now, like  you said “woman will be taking the garter from his thigh at the reception”.  

    1. Yes!!! I’m so glad you “get” what I’m saying. I just can’t see myself or understand how or why any woman would want to do this. I feel wrong talking about it so I can’t understand how a woman wouldn’t feel uncomfortable actually doing it.

  2. Thank you so much for letting women know that it’s the man’s place to pursue the woman. I have had women tell me that I should ask a man out or tell him that I like him, but I’m old fashion and I believe if the man is interested, he will ask. Thank you for standing up for us women that want men to be men

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