Why I Love My Tesla Model Y

Ok, so the last time you were here I told you that my ah-mazing husband surprised me with my dream car. I wanted a Model 3 but he upgraded me with a Model Y and I am so glad he did because a Model Y is like a crossover so it’s bigger and better. Now before I owned the car I had test driven the Model X (Butterfly Doors) and the Model 3 (Smaller Sedan). I felt like the Model X was a lil too flashy and it was more of a family car and I did NOT want the kids in my car I wanted something just for me but that ended up not even mattering because I really don’t like my kids or my husband driving  or riding in anything outside of the Tesla and I’ll tell you why in a sec. When I’m out and about I always get questions from people asking me what it’s like owning a Tesla and I’m always happy to answer their questions. One time I stood outside the hair salon for an hour and explained to my hair stylist what it was like along with telling him everything I loved about it.  Let me take you through the rundown of why I love my Tesla Model Y too.

It’s Extremely Safe

It is really really safe, and I’m not just saying that. It is a fact that less than 200 people have been killed while driving a Tesla since 2013 and some of the people in that number where hit by a Tesla not while driving in one. Outside of that astonishing fact I have my own personal experience while driving my Tesla Model Y. One morning on the drive to drop my kids off at school my husband took too long to brake (per usual) while merging onto the expressway and right before we smashed into the back of the car in front of us, my car activated the emergency brake-the damn car stopped on it’s own to prevent an accident 😲. That was truly an eye opening experience of how safe the car is when it comes to avoiding accidents. I’ve also had a friend of mine who owns a Model 3 tell me her car swerved around a tractor-trailer once.

The Car Updates Like A Phone

black woman in a tesla

The car receives updates like a phone. I’m deadass. I will check my phone and I see a notification that there is an update and all I have to do is install the update from my phone and I’ll receive a notification when it is complete. It always feels like Christmas morning when an update comes through because it’s always like a gift. The updates can range from anything to new games, to GPS improvements, to speaker improves or mile range improvements. Your car can be upgraded with the click of a button.

You Will Neva Eva Visit A Gas Station Again

white Tesla model Y

I have officially entered a whole new level of bourgeoisie. Although I have not pumped gas in well over five years I officially have no reason to ever visit a gas station again. I have always hated the experience of going to a gas station and holding that funky little gas nozzle that a million other people have touched and then getting in my car and touching my steering wheel, that shit is for the birds. Another thing I don’t have to worry about a the gas station is random men coming up to me at volunteering to pump my gas or possibly kidnapping me lbs.

Speaking Of Kidnapping

The chances of me being kidnapped while driving my car are slim.  The car is like a tracking device my husband can see where I am on the road while I’m driving if he just opens the app. This gives him total piece of mind because See No Evil has him not wanting me to go anywhere alone. Some people aren’t fans of that but I am because if I’m missing please come save my ass. This feature also makes it difficult to be stolen.  There is also a feature on the car that will not allow the car to drive without a passcode and most thieves don’t know how to start or drive a Tesla. In addition to that sensors and cameras surround the car. Yes, you read that right when a person walks near my car they are being recorded. When I’m driving my car it is recording and when I park it is recoding this lovely feature is called Sentry Mode.

It’s Sexier Than A Muthaf*cka

I feel like I’m in an entirely different universe when I drive my car. I don’t know what I love more, the way it bends the corner, the way the white vegan leather seats hug my body, or maybe it’s the glass roof. I’m not sure but if I’m having a blah day and I have to run errands I feel better within a matter of minutes of driving. It also makes for some bomb ass photo opps and when me and my friends ride out it definitely compliments our style. 

black woman luxury car

The Music Selection Is Extraordinary

I don’t know who curates the music for the streaming service Tesla provides but please give those people a raise. I now consider Pandora the ghetto, now I’m not just calling Pandora the ghetto because I’ve upgraded and I’m on a new level of bourgeoisie but on more than one occasion Pandora has played Keith Sweat and Drake on my Anita Baker station, and I’m ain’t talking about Passion Fruit Drake I’m talking Hot Line Bling! How the hell they play that with You Bring Me Joy?

The Maintenance Is Mind Bogglingly Low

tesla supercharger
Yes, I act a fool at the Supercharger

When you own a Tesla there is no such thing as oil changes or tune ups or blown head gaskets or alternators dying or timing belts or spark plugs or any of that other bullsh*t. Having a Tesla has made me understand that owning a car that requires that much maintenance is so unnecessary. When I drive down the highway I no longer wonder if that funky smell is coming from my car. If something is wrong with my car it will tell me, I don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to find out that I fixed the wrong thing. The maintenance on a Tesla consists of 3 things; rotating your tires, refilling your windshield wiper fluid and changing your air filters. Dassit!

This Car Can Drive It’s Damn Self

Now the most important feature to me is the FSD which stands for Full Self Driving Capability. FSD doesn’t come standard in every Tesla, so it is considered an upgrade. Here is what FSD consists of; Autoparking, Auto Lane Changing , Summons, Smart Summons, Navigation on autopilot and Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control. This pretty much means the car can drive clear across the country by itself if I’m not in the mood to drive. And if its too rainy out or I don’t feel like walking across the mall parking lot because my heels are too high I can summon the car to me. That means I can program the car to meet me at the front of the store, you can’t tell me that shit ain’t trill.

Me summoning my car.

There are so many things I love about owning a Tesla but I don’t have time to write about them all cause it’s way past my bedtime but I’ll be sharing more either on here the gram or TikTok so make sure you follow me there.


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