Storks 3D Advanced Screening

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to see the advanced screening of Storks 3D at the Bow Tie theater in Richmond; I was excited to go 1. Because I love advanced screenings and 2, I love Richmond, so all of that together made for a pretty awesome weekend. Storks 3D is one of the best family movies I’ve seen this year. That is a big deal because I see a LOT of family movies with my kids and most of the time I’m just counting down the time to get through it, but Storks 3D had me hanging on and near tears by the end of the showing.



In the years before storks were known to deliver babies to families all over the world but nowadays storks just deliver packages.       The story starts out with Junior the Head Delivery Stork on the heels of being promoted when he has to keep Tulip-the only human in the building from getting in the way of his new promotion. He gives her a job in the mail room which really isn’t a job at all because they never get mail –in the past families would write letters to the storks and the storks would deliver babies to them. So Tulip is bored out of her mind at work when she receives a letter from Nate. Nate is the lonely child of two very busy parents, so he writes a letter to Cornerstone pretty much begging them to deliver him a baby brother with super ninja moves-super ninja moves are really important to Nate. Tulip gets the letter and puts it in the baby making machine (she didn’t know it was the baby making machine) and out pops a baby!


Juniors promotion is at stake, and he’s totally annoyed with Tulip so he vows to deliver the ultra cute baby so that the can get this whole mess behind him and get his promotion. While on their journey to deliver this baby they fall in the with the baby and so does everyone else in their path. They are stalked by a workplace hater, Jasper the stork responsible for Tulip becoming and orphan and a dedicated wolf pack. The wolf pack is committed, and I seriously need friends like them, they get the job done.



Storks 3D hits theaters today, and it’s a great way to welcome the fall with your family.


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