Our First Snow Day!

Yesterday we woke up to our first snow day, which was really exciting considering this is the kids first real experience with snow since they’ve only known winters in Hawaii. It started as lite rain and mixed flurries and the kids were ecstatic, Zion ran up to me and said:

“Mommy, it’s so many snow, I can’t count all this snow!”

It stopped raining and the snow got heavier which made for the perfect snow day! A few hours before I took the kids out Brown Sugar had to go out to “test it out” by running laps around the driveway (weirdo) and he also had to dust the snow off the internet satellite because it was acting up #countryproblems.

After he fixed the internet I waited until the snow stopped to see if it would stick. After spending a few hours in the theater room trying to watch some movies they hardly ever watch entire movies in there, we ended up migrating to the family room where Zion was quickly reminded of the snow and he continually asked me to take them outside so that he could make “Noballs”. I gathered up their things, which was a task because Brown Sugar was cooking, bundled them up (Zion’s coat is currently MIA-don’t even ask), and we headed out.

snow day
Zan is clearly really excited.


My main objective when I took them out was to walk them to the mailbox, admire the snow and walk back, it didn’t happen that way. Vayda just had to taste the snow,  she will eat just about anything once. Zion finally got to make his beloved “Noballs” and Zaniel decided he’d like to taste the snow too.

playing in snow
Zion & his snowball.

They made footprints, threw snow in the woods, got scared when they heard noises lol, threw snow at me smh, and chased me down the driveway.

country living
Zion trying to figure out what that noise was.



Vayda cried because that’s what she does, I think she was crying because her glove came off.

baby crying
Crybaby shortcake at it again.

On our way back inside Zion decided that the best snowball came off our car and he used me to try them out.

throwing snowballs
Seriously Zion.

He brought a snowball inside and quickly decided he didn’t think it all the way through and decided to toss it out.

Saying goodbye.


babies with natural hair
Zan is still so excited about it all!



Our first snow day was amazing and I’m glad we got to spend it in our new house together. How was your first snow day?


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2 thoughts on “Our First Snow Day!

  1. Girl there is no such thing as a first snow day in Chicago!!! You’re probably in your mummy’s belly getting used to the snow wayyyyyy before 10 cm and from there it’s snow in the hospital parking lot, snow on the porch the first day you go into your house, snow at your first birthday party, snow when you have your first fight, snow the day you get your first sew in, etc etc. I could keep going but this is getting petty. The moral of the story is, those kids are blessed to treasure the snow. Only people who don’t live in areas to see snow, like snow, the rest of the world hates it!

  2. Lol they were all “Mommy look this is wonderful!” But when we got the first half of the blizzard yesterday anf we took them out Zion was screaming about the snow burning his feet! I knew exactly what he meant. I took him inside and he screamed because he wanted to go back out-I can’t.

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