I Hate Making Meal Plans

I Hate Making Meal Plans.

Why can’t the folks in this house  survive off pistachios and tea, I can. Yesterday my 4-year old had the nerve to ask me “Why are you making that AGAIN?”  My response “Because you can’t cook yet”. He tried it.



I hate everything about meal plans; I can never think of enough side dishes to complete my meal plan. And I’m fresh out of ideas for interesting veggies dishes.


It’s Doing Too Much

It’s way too many steps involved in the whole cooking process and I’m pretty much over it.

I have to plan each meal, go get the ingredients, cook the meal and clean it up 3x’s a day?! 

 It’s doing too much.

Why don’t they sell everything I need at Costco!?I love Costco. I have to start at Costco and stop by Whole Foods for veggies that my family-husband included won’t eat anyway. What is the point of it?



I don’t have the patience for meal planning and I’m tired of cooking.

It’s like right after I’m done cooking and I finally finish cleaning up its time to cook again WTH!


Why can’t kids survive off milk and animal crackers? I buy them organic doesn’t that count for something? My husband needing lunch  has pretty much forced me to cook EVERY SINGLE DAY which has also forced me to do what? MEAL PLAN! I would be fine with him surviving off a 4 for 4 from Wendy’s but I would like for him to be around to see our kids grow up so that’s dead.

Why is it my job to cook anyway? My husband needs to cook, clean up or do something!




I hate meal planning. Meal planning for me is like taking the same test every single month and I still ain’t studied for it.

Not only do I have to cook the meal but I have to plan for it too? That’s some bull.



I seriously get anxiety when my husband asks me if the meal plan is done.



I need a personal chef. I’m thinking about getting a job solely for the purpose of hiring a chef to cook and plan my meals. I just can’t do it anymore.

I’m considering indentured servitude in exchange for a personal chef or somebody’s grandmama to come over here and relieve me of this burden I  face month after month.

I’m stressed. I’m sitting here writing this and I could totally be working on my meal plan but nope- I hate meal plans.


The System Was Designed For Me To Fail

Why didn’t they teach me how to meal plan in high school, or college, or at a training or workshop at one of the dozens of jobs I’ve had in my life? Why didn’t they teach me?!

Food is a basic necessity , right? So why didn’t they teach me how to meal plan when they taught me how to brush my teeth? The system was designed for me to fail.

Don’t they know that the kitchen is the heart of the home? Someone, please fill my heart with some new meal ideas cause I ain’t got no more. I think my family might be tired of chicken breast. I could totally eat chicken breast every day.  A large part of why I struggle with meal planning is because I’m terrified that everything is full of cancer. No, I seriously I’m terrified, and buying everything organic is killing my pockets!

I wish my family could survive off breast milk and organic chicken broth cause that’s like the only thing I’m trusting nowadays, or maybe that’s the only thing I feel like cooking; homemade breastmilk and warmed up organic chicken broth. I hate making meal plans.



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10 thoughts on “I Hate Making Meal Plans

  1. You’re not alone. I have big dreams of cooking these organic, culturally relevant meals…and then I get in from work and give them Chef Boyardee.

    1. Yes! All these great ideas inspired by these Pinterest boards from perfect women and I’m over here like-peanut butter and jelly….

  2. LOL! I feel ya! I should meal plan weekly but I don’t. It’s much easier when I do but my lists aren’t as elaborate as the good ones. I don’t plan breakfast or lunch, I just buy whatever my family wants. For dinners I write a list of options. Shop for the items (I can’t stand grocery shopping!). At 9:30am every weekday I have a phone alarm go off that says, “What’s for dinner?” I check my dinner list for the week and choose something, set out meat to thaw, and cook later when my 4pm alarm goes off telling to to cook lol. I don’t like to cook either lol. But I like to eat and can’t afford to eat out all the time so that leaves me no choice.
    Britney recently posted…Why I Allowed a Stranger to Discipline My SonMy Profile

    1. Can I come pick you up? Like seriously you can stay here for a bit I have plenty of room lol. I think I’ll follow your advice and stop fussing over lunch and breakfast and just focus on dinner and I’m definitely gonna implement the dinner alarm. Thanks for the tips!
      Tata recently posted…I Hate Making Meal PlansMy Profile

    1. I’ve never heard of Hello Fresh But I’m definetly gonna look into it if it will help me with my meal plan phobia. I literally fanticize about having a chef, come to think about it, I’m gonna put that on my vision board!
      Tata recently posted…I Hate Making Meal PlansMy Profile

  3. Yes! Me too. While I don’t meal plan now I said I would do it for a month ONLY to finally eat the food that’s accumulated in our cabinets. But three meals a day?

    Hubby needs to cook if he wants to eat.

    1. I’ll admit that when I do actually do it, it is kinda sorta effective but I still hate the process, if it was just me and hubby I could get over but the way my three kids are set up….
      Tata recently posted…I Hate Making Meal PlansMy Profile

  4. Meal planning to me is the stuff of legends. It’s not going down over here.

    SN: Richard hates repeat meals too often, but he wasn’t with me shooting in the gym *shrugs.*

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