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Advanced Screening: Pete’s Dragon

This week we were invited to an advanced screening of Pete’s Dragon and the stars aligned perfectly because the day of the screening also happened to be Vayda’s birthday.

petes dragon-disney- movie-
The Birthday Girl.

Let me start by saying I had no idea that this movie was a remake of a 1977 classic and if it was anywhere near as good as the one we saw I am sad that I missed out. Pete’s Dragon is one of those movies that tugs at every single emotion you have right from the beginning. This movie gives you all the feels, the good and the sad ones too.

The movie starts with a family taking a road trip that comes to a tragic and abrupt end. From there 4-year-old Pete played by Oakes Fegley (who is ridiculously adorable) wanders into the forest and  lives a life of adventure, wonder,  and freedom for 6 years. But Pete isn’t lonely because he makes friends with Elliot. Elliot is the perfect kind of friend because he looks out for Pete. Elliot protects him, loves him and lets him ride in his back when he fly’s. Oh did I mention Elliot could fly? Yep he can fly and he’s green and he’s a DRAGON! Yep like I said the perfect kind of friend.

One day Pete is spotted by the spunky Natalie played by Oona Laurence when she sees him in the forest on her way to school. Natalie wanders off and falls from a tree when she starts chasing Pete and when her father and the park ranger come to find her they discover the orphaned Pete. The entire town is in pretty shaken up by the discovery of Pete but local contractors building in the forest are shaken up by the sights and sounds they hear deep in the forest and they are determined to find it’s source. I won’t say anymore but trust me it’s good!


Pete’s Dragon is the perfect family movies that I’m sure everyone in your family will enjoy it.

Petes Dragon
I think they saw Elliot Fly by!


Here’s one of my favorite scenes from the movie.



Pete’s Dragon Fly’s into theaters today!

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