3 Sneaky Ways To Get Your Family to Eat Healthier

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It’s like pulling teeth to get my family to eat healthier and my husband isn’t any help in this area, in fact he is like one of the kids when it comes to his eating habits so I’ve adapted a couple of very sneaky ways to get my family to eat healthier and I’ll share them here with you . If every day is a battle to get some nutrition in your families body then here are 3 Sneaky Ways to Get Your Family to Eat Healthier.


1. The Egg Fold

I could only get my family to eat spinach if it was a salad and even then they ONLY ate it if they loaded it with meat and salad dressing and that pretty much defeated the purpose. So about a year ago I started sneaking spinach into their eggs in the morning and now they eat spinach with no problem. I rinse and chop the spinach, I then pat it dry and I sautee it in olive oil and fold it into the eggs. I add a little cheese and I get no complaints. They loveee Spinach Eggs and they actually look forward to eating them.


2.Super Power Seeds

I love sprinkling Chia Seeds and Flax Seeds in our food for all of the health benefits but my kids were really weirded out by it. They didn’t like it when I sprinkled it on their food so I had to be a little creative and convince them that they were really “Super Hero Seeds!”.  Zion totally fell for it and since he’s the oldest everyone else followed suit. Now Zion looks forward to me sprinkling his “Super Hero Seeds” because he knows it will make him “Healfy and Strong” (He’s still in speech therapy ). He also brags about how can run really fast and how tall he’s getting because of his Super Hero Seeds.

 Here’s how to make your kids a container for their very own “Super Hero Seeds”.

You’ll need:




Spray Adhesive or Fabric Glue

Small Glass Jar/Container

Acrylic Paint and Brush

Large Rhinestone Gems

Letter Stencils

Take the glass jar and place the letter stencil on the Jar. Spray the glue adhesive or use the acrylic paint and lightly sprinkle the glitter on the stencil.v8-dsc_0833-2v8-dsc_0838-2

Set the Jar aside to dry for 3-4 mins and then flip the jar on opposite side and repeat.

Take felt (Should be about 6 inches long and the width should be complimentary to the jar) and lay it flat and place the jar upside down and trace the outside of the jar. (Cut it if you have to)v8-dsc_0842v8-dsc_0851-3

Fold the felt with the traced side turned outward and cut the circle out.


Trim edges of the felt to give the cape more of a “capey shape”v8-dsc_0857

Place the cape around the neck of the jar to make sure the fit is good and it looks like a cape.


Add fabric glue to the back of the cape and add Large Rhinestone Gems. v8-dsc_0872v8-dsc_0874

Pour Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds or whatever your kids may be lacking nutritionally and now you have “Super Hero Seeds!v8-dsc_0966v8-dsc_0991v8-dsc_0975


3.Drinking Their Veggies Before School

I have no way of knowing whether or not my kids eat their veggies at school and I’m willing to bet my last dollar that they don’t so I’ve been having them (and my husband) drink their veggies before they leave the house in the morning . V8® just launched two new flavors Berry Bliss and Caribbean Greens available at Walmart and my family has been all over them.v8-dsc_0718

Even though I eat my veggies I wanted to taste the new flavors and so far I’m falling hard for Berry Bliss. An 8oz. serving of V8® Veggie Blends contains 1 full serving of vegetables. V8® Veggie Blends are 75% juice and 25% pure water with no sugar added………. and wait it gets better each 8 oz serving contains 60 calories or less. There are no artificial colors, flavors or added preservatives so I really couldn’t ask for much more. That coupled with the fact that I can swing by Walmart to pick up both flavors makes my day a lot easier because I spend less time coaxing my family into eating better.

I’m always on the hunt to get more nutrition into my family  so share with me some ways you seek nutrition in your families food?

Also check out V8 Healthy Greens, another great V8 Veggie drink here.V8 -Caribbean Greens-Berry Bliss-Walmart-Giveaway- Sofab-Shoppertunitiesv8-dsc_0829


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