Universoul Circus National Harbor

Last week my family and I attended ‘the opening night of Universoul Circus in National Harbor, and the entire event was lit. I don’t use that word lightly I mean seriously the night felt like a family reunion and it was to an extent because Universoul Circus is currently celebrating their 25th year! I can remember being soo excited as a child when “The Black Circus” came to Chicago. It had been years since I’d been to Universoul Circus, but I still remember the electrifying feeling I’d get every time I went so when I found out they’d be coming to the National Harbor from June 21st until July 22nd I knew I had to share this experience with my kids. As a bonus, I was able to share this it with my husband too because apparently, he had been living under a rock because he had never even heard of Universoul Circus. Luckily I was able to drag him from under his rock and partner with Universoul Circus for a night that he never expected. In case you’ve been living under a rock give me your hand girl let me show you the light!


Even though it’s been ages since I’d been to a Universoul Circus show, I expected to hear all my favorite music past and present. I was in my zone when they played “Before I Let Go” by Frankie Beverly and Maze. The show featured stunning acts that you had to witness to believe. I think the most intriguing thing of all is the fact that the performers do these amazing stunts with such ease, it was a full night of melanin magic on display, and I’m so grateful that I got to watch my children’s eyes light up at each act. Vayda was so amazed that she wanted to come back the next day. One thing that I love most about the show is that there is so much audience participation there was one part of the show where giant plastic balls appear out of nowhere, and the audience takes turns bouncing them back and forth. Also, there is no need to worry if you’ll have a good seat or not. Universoul Circus is under the Big Top tent which boasts an intimate space that allows you to see, hear and participate no matter where you are sitting. If you’ve never been to Universoul Circus, you need to go asap! Universoul circus will be at the National Harbor now through July 22nd and tickets are available here . If you’re looking for a show that celebrates blackness plus leave you feeling on top of the world, then you need to go to the Big Top. Special thanks to Universoul Circus for this partnership.



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