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If You Don’t See Toy Story 4 This Weekend I’m Judging You​

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Allow me to be very honest….I did not like the last 3 Toy Story’s 😬. I was not geeked up to see Toy Story 4. I feel really bad saying that especially because my husband loves Toy Story and the Toy Story series is easily in his top 10 movies aaanddd there have been many times when I’ve yelled for him to stop  singing “You’ve got a friend in me.” That being said when we were invited to an advanced screening of the film earlier this week I knew he’d be excited…and the kids too, gotta remember them.

It Felt Different

Immediately within the first 10 minutes of the movie I just knew I’d actually like Toy Story 4. From jump it just FELT different. It’s kind of hard to describe but I’ll put it like this- I was expecting a cute little family movie that would only entertain the kids and my weirdo husband while I mentally started preparing next weeks meal plan. It was not at all like that. Instead, I found myself entangled in the plot and clutching my pearls throughout while trying not to cry Thug Tears when Woody left his friends. Yes, Woody departs from the group and its heartbreaking but it is just something that has to be done but you won’t understand why until you see the movie so please just go see it. I need someone to unpack these emotions with and perhaps you Internet Stranger are the perfect person to discuss my emotions with but that is only after you’ve seen the movie and cried Thug Tears too.  I later found out that that Toy Story 4 had a different director  (Thank you Josh Cooley) than Toy Story’s 1-3 which is probably why I really enjoyed it.

Aside from me being completely engaged because the plot was just sooo good it was also very relatable. I saw myself as Woody when Forky was first “born”. I saw Zaniel in Bonnie when she was set to start Kindergarten- That part got to me. The thought of my child being frightened of the first day of school and feeling lonely had me so emotional ugh.

I can’t say enough good things about this movie. Toy Story 4 is the perfect family road trip movie. It is filled with many new characters some you’ll love, some will make you laugh and some will creep you the freak out. Do yourself a favor and go see Toy Story 4, I don’t doubt that you’ll love it. Then report back to me Internet Stranger so that we can unpack it together just like internet strangers are supposed to. Toy Story 4 is in U.S theaters June 21st go see it oh and bring tissues.



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