How I Bought My Dream Home Sight Unseen

I‘m sure in this day and age, we’ve all purchased something that we haven’t seen in person before by way of the internet. But what’s the biggest purchase you’ve ever made without actually seeing it first? Maybe a digital camera? Or if you’re really a risk-taker, an expensive pair of jeans? Well, we bought a house without seeing it in person first. Weird right? Not really if you know me. Me and my husband are crazy like that.

Brown Sugar went through a phase of being completely obsessed with buying a home and I was just over here like: “I wanna go to the beach.” I mean, I knew we’d be buying a house soon when we moved back to the mainland – see we live in Hawaii. But neither of us realized how soon. Our dilemma was that we wanted to buy in Virginia, but we lived over 4600 miles away, so it wasn’t on my radar to buy a house so soon. But nevertheless, this is how it all happened.

If you know me, like really know me, you probably get tired of me walking around with my dream lists, positive outlook on everything and hearing me talk about how important affirmations are, but I believe in the law of attraction and you should too – and I’m quite sure it played a part in my home buying story.

Anyway, rewind back about a year or so ago, and me and Brown Sugar were talking about our dream home and he looked at me gleaming with joy and said his dream home was 2500 sq. ft. I looked at him straight disgusted and said “Eww that’s your dream home? That’s the most you can come up with? If you’re going to dream, why dream small? My dream house is at least 5000 sq. ft.” And his response was what it always is when he thinks I ask for something extravagant. “Girl, who do you think I am? 50 cent?! Do I look like P. Diddy?!” We’ve had this conversation numerous times. But I didn’t back down – I hardly ever do.

So each and every night he would scour Zillow and Trulia looking at baby houses and I’d find a reason to hate on each one. “Ugh the floors are ugly, The school district sucks, I don’t like the street name”. I mean, I was finding every reason in the world to discourage him from entertaining those baby houses. And then one night he asked me to look at a house, that was in our target area. It had the land he wanted and it hit my requirement of at least 5000 sq. ft. It was outrageous and I fell in love!!! I made up my mind and told Brown Sugar “That’s my house, I want it,” again he looked at me like I was crazy but he didn’t say anything.

Entrance to Tata's dream homeThis house was amazing, for starters it was 5000+ sq. ft., it had a pool – which wasn’t a requirement of mine – 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms plus a theater room and it sat on 10 plus acres, and that was just great for all my homesteading aspirations. It was gorgeous! And about $300,000 out of our price range. But that of course didn’t stop me from printing the picture of the house and posting them on my mirrors. That didn’t stop me from praying for it and that definitely didn’t stop me from believing God to work it all out. Now all while I’m doing these things, I can see the wheels in my husbands head turning, and he’s getting excited about the possibility of. He’s not saying much but months are passing by and the price keeps dropping and I’m just smiling at the sky like “Lawd, you keep working it on out.” One morning in November, my exceptionally amazing husband wakes me up and says with the goofiest smile on his face “I got a pre-approval letter from the bank!” My heart stopped: “Wait, you did what? I’m not ready yet! We’re not supposed to buy it until next year! You’re moving too fast! We’ve never bought a home before! We don’t know how to do it!” is all that kept running through my head.


Isn’t it crazy how we’ll pray and ask God for something, but when he starts to move things around for us we clam up because it’s actually happening? Silly right? But on my birthday, they accepted our offer (you see how God will wrap things up reeaal pretty for you?) and we saw the home for the first time 7 days before we closed on the deal. And let me tell you, it was even better than we envisioned, and better than all the pictures and videos we had seen. I wasn’t the slightest bit disappointed. The journey was filled with ups and downs and I have never felt more out of control of my emotions than when going through the home buying process, but it all was worth it. And three and a half emotional months later, we closed on our first home. And promptly flew back across the country to Hawaii but that’s another story for another post.

What’s your home buying story?


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12 thoughts on “How I Bought My Dream Home Sight Unseen

  1. You are right. We pray and pray and once it’s unfolding we get stuck. But he wouldn’t present us with it if he didn’t feel we were ready!

  2. Oh my gosh, that’s so amazing!!! Congratulations. My friend use to live in Hawaii and moved back to VA — they are military (Navy).

    1. We’re Army and we can’t wait to get to VA I love it there! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Awesome story! He is so faithful and will deff wrap stuff up like a gift lol!

    1. Yes he is! I’m so grateful for everything is he has blessed me with!

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