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Decorate this Space Blog Series: Foyer

It’s been about 9 months since we’ve moved into our dream home and you’d think that I would’ve had enough time to decide how I want things to look but I don’t.  When it comes to making decisions about decorating I am the worst! Scratch that when it comes to making decisions about anything I am the worst.  I struggle deciding what color nail polish I want EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to the salon. I promise you this has to be some sort of disorder, living like this takes up way too much brain space and way too much time.

So me and this undiagnosed disorder are stuck with the task of deciding paint colors,  color schemes, furniture, and flooring?!

Now that you know my dilemma  hopefully you can help me out. Yep, You! Help me out girl, this is serious.  This blog series “Decorate this Space” allows you to assist me in making decisions about this renovation/decoration project.

foyer-interior design-diy-renovation-decor-home renovation-hgtv

This is how it works, I’ll show you pictures of a particular space and I’ll tell you the idea (or many ideas) that I have and you either help me decide or give me some better ideas, either way, we “Get ‘er done” and my place transforms into a swanky, grown-up place that we created together whoop whoop! Also, if you have some specific ideas such as paint swatches or flooring pictures feel free to email them to me at so that I can post them and get others to vote on the idea.  Sounds fun right?!

You can also send your ideas to my Facebook, Twitter & Instagram page or send me some Pins on Pinterest.


Decorate this Space


Exhibit A: The Foyer-Pronounced –For-Yaay – For when I want to feel important.

foyer-interior design-diy-renovation-decor-home renovation-hgtv


Now I love my foyer I feel like this entrance speaks to who I truly am and I’d like people to feel that when they enter my home.



The foyer has 20-foot ceilings and leads to a number of different rooms which include:

Vayda’s Room,

The hallway to the theater room

The formal Living Room

The Family Room/Kitchen

The Master Wing

What I love about it:

I love the massive size of my foyer when we first moved here we slept on air mattresses in the living room until our furniture got here and every time I walked through the foyer to the bathroom I felt like I was walking through a museum and I loved it.

I also love the 5 octagon/boat windows that give a sneak peek of thunderstorms.

I LOVE the two arch entries, who doesn’t love arch entryways?foyer-interior design-diy-renovation-decor-home renovation-hgtv


Things I Don’t like

Flooring-Time for some new floors, these floors have seen better days.

Baseboards-The baseboards are old and they have to go, I want some new shiny baseboards.

Molding/trim-Same thing-Got’s to go!

Paint-You see the uh “paint situation” behind the foyer mirror? Yea that has got to go. We tried multiple times to match the paint up and finally I just said forget it because it’s being changed anyway.

foyer-interior design-diy-renovation-decor-home renovation-hgtv

My Ideas for this space

I want this space to exude sophistication but to still be very practical for my family. Ideally, I’d love white marble floors greeting people when they enter to set the tone for sophistication. I’d love a fancy chaise or settee for people to sit on in the “For-Yaay” while they wait for me to make my exit from the master wing (I know this sounds ridiculously dramatic but let me live).


When it comes to color I want something that is not typical, no eggshell whites and no tacky taupe’s over here. I want something unexpected but chic! I was thinking about a very vibrant blue or maybe a gray/lavender mix? What do you think? I do know one thing, though, this throw-up color I have now has got to go!



As far a furniture I really love the mirror and the table under it so both are probably staying. Brown Sugar wants to change the mirror to a larger rectangle mirror but it ain’t happening.  Oh, and before you ask-Yes those are tiny child handprints on the mirror, somebody touched it before we hung it up and we didn’t realize it until after it was hung I’ll climb up there and wipe it off one day.


The table in the center has got to go! When I bought it I thought I loved it but like a shady ex-boyfriend now that I’ve had my way with it, I no longer want it. It has got to go. The rug under the table is in the same situation. I thought I wanted him but he wasn’t who he said he was so his time is up too.

More Angles

Here are a few more angles.

I’d love a contemporary 4-foot chandelier to hang from the center.
foyer-interior design-diy-renovation-decor-home renovation-hgtv
View from the master suite
foyer-interior design-diy-renovation-decor-home renovation-hgtv
View from the formal living room.

foyer12 foyer11foyer6 foyer-interior design-diy-renovation-decor-home renovation-hgtv

What do you think I should do with this space?

Don’t forget to leave your suggestions in the comments or email them to me at




  1. I’m not sure how you can make the space better and be more “homey” or comfortable, but I like that the space is big and looks bright and airy.

  2. I think a silver/gray would be perfect. You can brighten it with the carpet, accessories, maybe even changing the front door to a white one. The entryway us gorgeous and really speaks for itself. A nice chandelier will be icing on a already beautiful cake!

    1. Author

      Silver or gray does give me versatility, I want a very plush rug though. I want to change the door but I never thought about changing it to white! I really want an elegant chandelier and I’m still looking.
      Tata recently posted…Decorate this Space Blog Series: FoyerMy Profile

  3. First off, Congrats on your dream house.
    I think the color should change, as well but maybe to earth tones. I love the mirror but I think it’s hung too low. Raise it up some to create more space between the table and the ceiling.
    Also the crown molding makes rooms look more sophisticated to me. Maybe you should have it redone.
    Oh, the able in the middle needs a beautiful vase and flowers.

  4. Ok your dream home is absolutely gorgeous! And unfortunately, like you, have such a hard time deciding design stuff. 😔😔

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