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Finding Happiness with Nature Walks

This post was sponsored by Reebok as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Since 2011 my life has been on fast-forward. In 5 short years I went from being a single college graduate living my life in Chicago to being a wife and mom of 3 living in rural Virginia. It’s safe to say that this time has pretty much flown by and I’m just running to keep up. When I reflect with my friends or on those rare occasions that I have time to reflect I laugh at how differenty my life is from what I imagine. In effect it’s nearly the opposite of what I had planned but I don’t love it any less. There are however something’s I do miss about being a single woman and one of them is nature walks.


When I was in college I would walk the campus trail through the woods –only in the daytime though cause I’m scary. I would take walks and listen to the birds, watch the butterflys and listen to my own soul. Back then I thought I was soooo busy but now that I look back I had so much extra time. I’d take a nature walk at least 2 or 3 times a week and I enjoyed the peace a quietness of it. My walks were sacred to me and I didn’t want to share them with anyone but my dog because I knew she appreciated them as much as I did.


In my journey toward self-care I’ve decided to take up nature walks again. I probably won’t be able to take them 2 or 3 times a week but if I plan really well I’m sure I can fit them in 2 or 3 times a month. My kids are in school during the week and I’ve committed myself to doing things that make me happy again and I feel good adding this to the list. This past weekend I went to a women’s conference in Richmond and I had an amazing time. I met some beautiful women, made some great connections and had the opportunity to share my story and encourage other women. The guest speaker was a life coach who spoke about being “still” and purposely making time for things that make your soul happy. It’s funny how the universe gives you the signs you need, earlier that week I had decided that I would slow some things down and focus on my inner peace and when I heard those words from the speaker it was all the confirmation I needed. So in an effort to find my happiness I’ve started taking my nature walks again.


Each week I take Comfort and we enjoy our walks. I slip on my Reebok CloudRide DMX shoes and we hit the trails. I wear the CloudRide because it’s lightweight and it feels like heaven on my feet-not joking little cherub angels dance around your feet when you wear them-nah just kidding but it feels like it. It feels like your walking on clouds because the sole is made of encapsulated air unlike most soles made from foam. They also run true to size, I’m wearing a size nine.reebokdsc_0351

They didn’t miss a beat when they created these for comfort; they are so comfortable that the Reebok CloudRide DMX comes with a money back guarantee. Within 30 days if you decide that you’re not 100% satisfied (that won’t happen) you can return them. What makes this walking shoe unique is that the Reebok CloudRide DMX has unique moving air technology that’s pretty popular in other Reebok “DMX” shoes.

In college I was the manager of a sneaker store and I’ve never seen a shoe this comfortable that came with a 30 day guarantee. The Reebok CloudRide –perfect name for them by the way is available at select Famous Footwear Stores, but make sure you check your local retailer for availalbility or you can order them online at and you can get them in black or white.

What is it you no longer do that made you happy and have you thought about making time for it?reebokdsc_0112reebokdsc_0217reebokdsc_0344



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