DIY Baby Wipes that won’t Burn your Baby’s Bottom.



ince you enjoyed “The Homemade Lotion that Healed my Daughters Eczema” post, I’ve decided to share with you the recipe that I use to make baby wipes for Zaniel. Before we get started, did you see the video a while back posted on Facebook from a mommy who thought there was glass in her baby’s wipes? Well come to find out it wasn’t really glass, it was just what resulted from all the chemicals they put in the wipes that formed a glasslike substance, either way, I want no parts of it. I started making these baby wipes before Zaniel was born because there were times when I’d go to wipe Zion or Vayda and they’d wince in pain. They had no visible diaper rash and I hadn’t changed diaper brands so I was sure that whatever was in the wipes was not only hurting their delicate private parts but could also be harming them long term. So after some searching and fiddling with essential oils, I was able to make the BEST DIY Baby Wipes that I’m sure your baby will love.


Cutting Board

Sharp Knife

1/4 cup of Dr. Bronners Baby Wash Liquid Soap ( I used the Lavender because I love the smell but either is fine)

Bounty Paper Towels

4 Drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil (to deter any mold)

4 Drops of Lavender Essential Oil  (Don’t really need if you use the Lavender soap)

1 Cup of Hot Water

1 Tablespoon of melted Organic Coconut Oil

Plastic Container for the wipes (I got mine from Dollar Tree)

Medium Bowl



  1. Gather the babywipes, baby wipes, natural, organic baby wipes


  1. Take the Bounty paper towel and cut them in half.homemade baby wipes, natural baby wipes papertowelhalf


  1. . Mix the hot water, coconut oil, Dr. Bronners soap, and essential oils in the medium sized bowl.babywipescoconut baby wipes burn, diy baby wipes, baby wipes


  1. Place one-half of the paper towel roll in the plastic container and pour the hot water mixture over the paper towels and lightly baby wipes, diy baby wipes, baby wipes burn


  1. Wait 2 minutes and remove the cardboard center.homemade baby wipes, diy baby wipes


  1. Voila, you have DIY Baby Wipes that won’t burn your baby’s bottom and they smell yummy too!



Have you ever tried making any products for your baby? If so please share, I love to try new DIY recipe’s.



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